COVID Vaccine Damages From A Spiritual Perspective: After-Effects On The Soul, The Spirit, & The Afterlife


“People will be inoculated against their disposition towards spiritual ideas.
The materialistic physicians will be entrusted with the task of expelling the souls from mankind”.

– Rudolf Steiner From Lectures given on November 6, 1917 and October 7, 1917

This blog post will cover the following topics:

  • ·         Supersensory observations from therapists and alternative practitioners on vaccinated people:

o   “Since the vaccination there is always a great sadness on my hands”

o   I have not experienced this in any treatment in the last 20 years”

o   “As if a dark being were lying on top of her”

o   “The tissue is as if solidified and no longer able to pulsate”

o   “Hardening in the Soul”

o   “Similar signature to cancer patients”

o   “Possessive BioNTech”

o   “I feel cut off from the spiritual world”

  • ·         Basic pattern of spiritual vaccine damages
  • ·         On the Supersensible Structure of the Corona Vaccines
  • ·         Machine-human as a goal
  • ·         Spiritual Corona Vaccinations
  • ·         Medication damage in life after death
  • ·         Cemented ether body after chemotherapy
  • ·         Exploded ether body
  • ·         Debris field after antibody therapy
  • ·         Soratic beings in the aura
  • ·         The hierarchies still have an interest in saving the human soul
  • ·         Corona vaccination damages in the life after death
  • ·         Freeing those who died due to vaccine damage

It is not about a "harmless jab", but about a powerful inclination to initiate a change in the human body, on a physical and spiritual level, so that it is damaged in its basic evolutionary function as the vehicle for the soul-spiritual being of Man... 

This initiation can also block a human being’s existence after death.

In this respect it really is about the fundamental question of the future of mankind:

Do we want to become a “transhumanist A.I. machine" or do we want to remain organic soul-spiritual beings having a human experience?

Some basic concepts of Spiritual Science that will be discussed in this post:

These terms may not be in common usage, but they are a basic terminology of the science of Spirit. Of course, these short explanations cannot do justice to the fullness and complexity hidden behind these terms, but it will give an overview.

Levels of the spiritual world: For orientation it is useful to distinguish between the following three levels:

- Etheric world (life and formative forces)

- Astral world (soul world)

- Spiritual world (creative sources for everything created)

Typically, “spiritual world” is used as a generic term for all three levels. These levels are in turn subdivided in many further areas. And they are inhabited by entities.

Basic terminology covered in this blog post:

  • ·         Angelic Hierarchies: These are inhabitants of the spiritual world. They can be thought of as great, exalted consciousness spaces. In practical work, it is helpful to divide the angelic world into nine hierarchies, according to the Christian terminology given by Dionysius Areopagite. The angelic world is aligned with the Trinity standing above it: Father-Son-Holy Spirit.


  • ·         Elemental Beings: They are inhabitants of the etheric and astral worlds. They implement locally the impulses of the higher angelic hierarchies. Everything is infused (ensouled) by them, also the body.


  • ·         Members of the Human Being (Bodies): Besides the world of senses, the human being lives also in all areas of the supersensible world, and consists of many higher members (bodies), which together form the human aura in its complexity. In former times, these members - often under different names - were part of a cognitive inquiry and spiritual traditions. Today the best-known entity among these members is the material body.


  • ·         Material Body: We perceive it with our senses, see and touch it, since it consists of matter. Today, many people identify very strongly with the material body, and it is this body that is the subject of inquiries of the medical sciences. In reality, however, this material body is only a very small part of the whole human being. If someone looks only at the cut fingernails of a person, then we would say that with such a narrow point of view we cannot understand this person at all. It is the same when we look only at the material body. The material body is permeated by other members of the human being, but they usually remain undifferentiated. For example, we experience the material body as alive, but this life is already a perception of the etheric-life body.


  • ·         Physical Body, also called Phantom Body or Form body: It is the spiritual, working archetype, the construction plan of the material body. It is created before an incarnation out of the cosmic Spirit Man (see further below) and holds the form of the material body. Since the term "physical body" is easily associated with "material body", in the following I will mainly use the word "phantom body” when describing this member of the human being. It can be perceived supersensibly some inches around the material body, however usually this ability must be practiced for a long time. It is easier to observe the etheric body.


  • ·         Etheric body, also called Life Body or Body of Formative Forces: The etheric body elevates dead matter into life and creates a whole living organism from many individual elements (e.g., the organs or cells). The etheric body forms the basis of all life. The term Ether is comparable to Prana in India, Qi in ancient China and Ki in Japan. All living beings, besides humans also animals and plants, have their own etheric body. If one meditatively pursues the question, what is the difference between minerals and plants, one can get an understanding and experience of the etheric body. The etheric body forms the organs of the body according to the archetype of the phantom body. It is the vehicle of memories, temperaments, and habits. Thoughts usually become conscious to us when they receive a form in the etheric body; representations usually become visible in the etheric body in front of the head. The etheric body always mixes with the environment, and thus several etheric bodies can be permanently united. A family or a community of life usually forms a common etheric body. The etheric body is the densest part of the human aura.


  • ·         Astral Body: The astral body is the body that constitutes our experiences and our emotions. It could also be called the “Body of Experience”. If we meditatively pursue the question of what the difference between plants and animals is, we can come into an understanding and experience of the astral body. It is the basic vehicle of the consciousness, but not of the self-consciousness, which arises only through the “I”. Feelings like desire and dislike, sympathy and antipathy are experienced through the astral body. It enables the independent movement of the body and all sensual perceptions. Likewise, all thought content and the conscious part of our will-intentions are experienced in the astral body. Still, the different members of the human being are not separated but connected. When experiences of the astral body are imprinted into the etheric body, the Sentient body is formed.


  • ·         The “I”: Rudolf Steiner describes it very beautifully as the “Veiled Sanctuary of the Soul". The “I" belongs to the eternal spiritual core of man and is at the same time individual and universal. In its depth, the “I" is not easy to understand. The “I" penetrates the other members of the being and reshapes them, therefore it can also be called the "I-organization". The “I" is the captain on the ship of the other members. Through the work of the “I” in the astral body, the Sentient Soul and the Intellectual- and Mind soul come into being.


  • ·         Sentient Soul: The Sentient Soul is part of the human soul and not only mediates all perceptions and sense impressions, but is also the seat of all drives, desires, passions, and impulses with which the “I” have connected itself. In the Sentient Soul, however, the “I” broods only dully; the self-consciousness of the “I” is not yet awakened. Instead, the “I” identify itself with feelings, thoughts, and perceptual contents, whereby ego-entanglements can arise. The ego is the lower “I” hardened in egoism, which appears as a distorted echo of the authentic “I”.


  • ·         Intellectual and Mind Soul: lives in the interplay of intellect and mind. The mere intellect makes the soul life sober, cold, and lacking interest. The Intellectual Soul is filled with what it thinks or perceives and gets lost in it. The term “mental body” is largely adequate to the Intellectual Soul. On the other hand, the Mind gives warmth and direction to the soul. In the Mind, emotions and will-impulses are connected in a healthy unity in such a way that they do not rob the “I” of the dominion over the soul - unlike the overflowing, blind emotions of the Sentient Soul. The Intellectual- and Mind Soul is the prevailing consciousness of mankind today. In it the “I” is clearly working, yet without becoming clearly conscious of itself. This happens only in the Consciousness Soul.


  • ·         Consciousness Soul: Here the soul grasps itself in its own being, in its “I”. Rudolf Steiner says very beautifully: "Therefore, this “I” cannot be perceived by the consciousness soul other than through a certain inner activity". This means that the Consciousness Soul does not live in thought and world contents, but in an amplification of the active soul forces. All contemporary meditation should as a goal have the development the Consciousness Soul. It is the most autonomous part of the soul, which in the widest sense is independent from the rest of the world. The sovereignty of the individual, as well as the sobriety and objectivity of the contemplation of nature, are fruits of the Consciousness Soul. It can open itself to the world of senses and to the spiritual world in the same way. It is the element that can influence man's actions from the spiritual world by impulses of the beautiful, the good and the true. The consciousness soul is equivalent of the “Integrated Consciousness” described by Jean Gebser and Ken Wilber.


  • ·         Spirit-Self: Every supersensory experience takes place in the Spirit-Self. It is the sense perception free consciousness - the higher self. It is also the level of consciousness of the angels.


  • ·         Life-Spirit: The spiritual world and its beings are a weaving, active life, with which we connect with our Life-Spirit. This can also be understood as an “I"-permeated etheric body.


  • ·         Spirit-Man: This is above all the highest self of man, the Cosmic Human Being, who can become infinitely large, a “star-body". From the eternal Spirit-Man, the individual phantom body is formed before each incarnation, which then forms the material body. Among the members of the human being there are also many individual spirit[1]beings, which constantly work on and with “their” human being. In the following I present three important categories of such beings.


  • ·         Angel: The angel accompanies the human being with an angelic patience over the incarnations. Our angels carry the overall panorama of our karmic connections and necessities. They are more developed than we, human beings, and acts on us from the sphere of the Spirit-Self. Every supersensible experience is mediated by the angel. Every night we sleep into the angel. After death, the angel guides us through the higher spiritual realms of the angelic hierarchies, also called planetary spheres. Through the angel the spiritual Christ-Light reaches us. The feeling of being with oneself, of being at one with oneself, of loving oneself and others, means being permeated by the angel. When the connection with the angel is disturbed, a person feels distant from himself or herself. In terms of aura, the angel is usually visible directly behind the person.


  • ·         Body-Elemental-Being: The Body-Elemental-Being is the co-worker of the angel on the level of the etheric body. It is the consciousness of our body and takes care of all organs and life processes, through incarnations. Aurically, the body elemental being is usually before or in the human being.


  • ·         Double: The Double is an unredeemed total amount of our human soul shadows - unredeemed feelings and traumas of all members of our being, antisocial and egoistic behavior patterns, and all old, not yet integrated karma. Aurically, the Double usually walks beside the human being, however, in unrestrained situations the Double takes the lead and represses the I. The person then behaves surprisingly aggressive or destructive. Everybody knows such situations, and often one does not know “what possessed one”. In problematic human relationships the Doubles like to activate each other. The Double is in relation to the subterranean spheres of the Earth and the adversarial spirit beings.


Adversary Spirits:

  • ·         Dark Subterranean Layers of the Earth: These are spiritual spheres of the earth where the collective, unsolved, old karma of mankind gathers. Traditionally, nine layers are distinguished. The Nine Beatitudes also refer to these inner layers of the earth. Dante Alighieri describes nine layers in his “Divine Comedy”. Through our double, we human beings are in a relationship with these inner layers of the Earth. These should be illuminated in the long run, but frequently they darken the soul life at first. The dark earth inner layers are inhabited by adversary spirits.


  • ·         Bright Subterranean Layers of the Earth: These are spiritual spheres of the earth where light spirits and beings dwell. The “love of Mother Earth” flows through them. The Bright Subterranean Layers of the Earth are not connected with the Dark Subterranean Layers of the Earth.


  • ·         The adversarial Spirits Lucifer, Ahriman, Asuras: Besides the angelic hierarchies, which are oriented towards the divine love, there are also “fallen angels”. Without their resistance the world could not develop. They also constitute us human beings. Among them are the Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Asuric “dark” angelic beings described in detail in Anthroposophy. The ahrimanic beings are the spirits of materialism, coldness, and darkness; the luciferic beings are the spiritless ones of arrogance, egomania, and blinding light, the asuric beings are the spirits of fragmentation and dissolution of the “I”. In Sanskrit, the term “asuras” is used as an “evil spirit” or opponent of the gods, as a generic term. Rudolf Steiner, on the other hand uses it to refer to a special kind of fallen angelic beings. All these adversary spirits belong to our spiritual planetary system and have - if they are redeemed and transformed with divine love and the “I"-power - very positive effects. I would like to emphasize that this is not a theory or a belief system. In the supersensible perceptions one constantly encounters these beings. It is a condition of a healthy spiritual path of knowledge that one learns to deal with these dark entities as well.


  • ·         Soratic Spirits: These are the fourth group of the adversary spirits, which originate from spirit realms in distant cosmic times and expanses outside of our planetary system. They have no business in the spiritual space of the earth, but they are pushing their way in, nevertheless. They seduce people because they promise great power. People addicted to power easily fall for soratic beings, who are the inspirers of all evil. They are described in the Bible - in the Revelation of John, the Apocalypse, - as the two-horned beast. In the Gnosis the term Archons refers to them.


  • ·         Soratic Transhumanism Spirits: A special group of soratic beings are called here transhumanism spirits, because they seem to inspire transhumanism. These are central to the understanding of Covid19 and the vaccines. Since these beings are associated with the very highest adversarial powers, it can be assumed that all processes emanating from them are extremely harmful to humans.


  • ·         Vaccine-Beings: Every vaccine has a being in the spiritual world, a kind of living original idea (one could also say "group soul" and "group spirit”). This is not an abstract idea, but a multiform spirit space filled with consciousness; a being-structure. With the vaccination those enter the human aura and work within it. In such case, there is the “great” vaccine being in the lower layers of the spiritual world and at the same time “smaller” replicas - one could also say “descendants” - working in the human aura. The vaccine-being is connected with other spirit beings, which give it a special character. For example, if it is connected with certain Ahrimanic beings, they work through the vaccine- being in the vaccinated person. If it is connected with soratic spirits, then soratic spirits gain access into the members of the human being.


  • ·         Disease-Beings (Beings of Illness): Every disease also has a being in the spiritual world, which connects with the human being when needed.

Supersensory observations on vaccinated people

The adverse effects of Corona vaccinations on the body are only the tip of the iceberg. Behind this visible surface are the supersensible members of the human being. The following research and reports show that the corona vaccinations can have strong disturbing effects on the members of the human being. Of course, this varies from individual to individual. Vaccine is often not visible in people; they were able to overcome the destructive supersensible effects. However, the following descriptions are about cases where impairing effects were observed. Even if the focus of perception is put on it, it does not mean that it is always so. Each individual case must be observed anew. I write this in order to warn against generalizations. It is all about sharpening the attention and the power of perception. I begin with descriptions of therapists who work with the etheric body (the life force body) of man.


Since the vaccination there is always a great sadness on my hands:

“Rhythmical Massage support recovery on the physical, spiritual, and soul levels. During the massage, the hands are rhythmically moving over the body, often in a circular motion, to relieve bodily and mental tensions and blockages. Natural oils and ointments are used. The Rhythmical Massage was developed by Dr. Ita Wegman and Dr. Margarethe Hauschka. A therapist from Lower Saxony reported in April 2021: In the institution where I work, almost all residents are now vaccinated with Moderna. This has affected my work with Rhythmical Massage a lot. If I prepare myself intensively, I can let the stream of love flow. Especially in the back region of the patients it is absorbed with great need. Sometimes, however, I experience a sudden sadness, more around me than in me. Or I feel a subtle rejection to my actions. Frequently I experienced the following: As I massage the ankle, I turn to the angelic world in my back space and try to let the impulses for my actions be inspired from this area. In the past, during the renewed immersion, a force flowed through me to the patient. Since the inoculation there is always a great sadness on my hands. Once, during the treatment, I experienced a very strong blockage in my legs, as if I was being pushed away; later, a stickiness, as if being sucked into a swamp. In the past, I often felt as if I were immersed in a common etheric space with the person I was treating. Now I feel completely alone, and I can't make contact with their angel and their healing beings. When the patient is resting and I am sitting quietly, I often feel a strong pressure, a tightness around my head. After the treatments I am often exhausted, and I strengthen myself for example with eurythmic exercises I A O or nature observations in the garden. The people who are treated are not able to give any information about the changes I experience”.

Similar experiences were made by other therapists. One osteopath told me that she experienced a cool etheric current flowing from the navel in some vaccinated patients. Where the flow went was not clear to her.

From a therapeutic eurythmist:

"In therapeutic eurythmy I have observed that vaccinated patients are like “dense", "dull", and "closed" in themselves. The awareness of a deeply felt eurythmy consonant-movement is hardly attainable on the etheric-soul level. It is shattering! Patients who have been coming for many years, for whom eurythmy therapy has always been a decisive help, suddenly can no longer feel.”


I have not experienced this in any treatment in the last 20 years:

A rhythmical massage and craniosacral therapist from Baden-W├╝rttemberg wrote in May 2021:

I have been working as a rhythmical masseuse since the 80's and as a craniosacral therapist for about 20 years. During the many years of therapeutic work, I have treated adults and children with very different issues. During a craniosacral treatment, a well-trained therapist with clairvoyant hands can sense changes within the body structure of the client. The therapist takes the client's feet or head in their hands. During such treatments I can very specifically perceive pain points and blockages in the whole body of the client. I can also perceive the condition of various organs of the client. One of the basic skills of craniosacral therapists is the perception of craniosacral rhythms. Since the beginning of the Corona vaccination campaign in Germany, I have treated two vaccinated clients. The experience of these two vaccinated with mRNA vaccines was new to me and at first frightening. In five craniosacral treatments performed so far, holding the head with both hands repeated the perception of holding a completely hollow, empty head. The etheric brain and the pineal gland felt like dried up and shriveled. Also, the otherwise perceptible surficial craniosacral rhythm was not perceptible. With none of my other clients, after more than 20 years of experience, have I ever had such experiences. She continued her report in June 2021: After the first observation of the change of the etheric body and the pineal gland described above, four more craniosacral treatments have taken place until today with one of the two vaccinated clients. Before each treatment I do a short meditation with the thought: "Christ in me". At the beginning of each treatment, with contact at the feet, I spoke silently for the client: “May the healing power of Christ flowing through you". With the third treatment a clear improvement was experienced. The etheric body and the craniosacral rhythms were more clearly felt. After the third treatment, the client performed a liver cleanse according to Andreas Moritz, followed by a colon hydro-cleansing. During the fourth craniosacral treatment, the pineal gland was again more perceptible, and the client spoke of no longer being just functional, but of being more in tune with herself, more able to concentrate and perceive herself. Her whole appearance radiated joy of life again. Due to the conscious step into the treatment with the short meditation - "Christ in Me" - I had no more pain in my arms during and after the treatment, as I described above.”

This pleasant report shows that it is possible to overcome the blocking supersensory effects of the vaccination. Corona vaccination can be a kind of test. We are now challenged to become strong enough to cope with these massive attacks. This was true for the client as well as for the therapist.


As if a dark being were lying on top of her:

From a craniosacral therapist from Baden W├╝rttemberg in April 2021:

“Since I do bodywork, because of the vaccinations, I am now confronted with energies and entities which are partly shocking. I have the feeling that I must protect myself and now I even doubt whether I can continue to treat vaccinated people in the future without leaving the work exhausted. Especially in craniosacral therapy, where I am in direct contact with the etheric body and the other members of the patient's being, I deal with more and more unsightly and frightening images and perceptions and protect myself. I am deeply shocked by what these vaccinations do to people, without them noticing anything. As an example, I would like to tell you about the craniosacral therapy sessions with a 70-year-old patient, whom I know very well and who has been in therapy with me for many years. The first session took place five days after the first mRNA vaccination with the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine. I wondered about her CS rhythm, which I could not perceive. When she told me that she was now vaccinated, it became clear to me. I had the feeling that there was a dark being on top of her, inhibiting all functions. Stagnation and rigidity. The tissue was as if held, could not breathe and could not move, was no longer able to pulsate. In the second session it was even worse than in the first. There was practically no rhythm at all, complete rigidity. Like a thick, sticky mass inside the patient. At the feet I could not feel anything, completely broken rhythm. Also, in this second session I experienced again a formless being, dark, black, which laid itself around the upper part as if around it, holding on, as if in a kind of strangulation movement at the etheric larynx and whirring around. As a therapist, I had to be very careful. As soon as I worked with light, that is, with Christ light, the being had to give way. The patient did not notice it, no change in the cranio-rhythm, for her it was normal as always. Next sessions: Furthermore, no normal craniosacral rhythm was perceptible. Everything was still stuck and no movement, no inspiration and expiration was perceptible. Also, on the bone level no movement. At the end of the treatment once again I saw a strange, first gruesome[1]black, rather gray being. At the feet was not noticeable at all, completely broken rhythm. Also, in this second session I experienced again a formless being, dark, black, which laid itself around the upper part as if around it, holding on, like a kind of strangulation movement at the etheric larynx and whirring around. As a therapist, I had to be very careful. As soon as I worked with light, that is Christ light, the being had to give way. The patient did not notice it, no change in the cranio-rhythm, for her it was normal as always. Next sessions: Furthermore, no normal craniosacral rhythm was perceptible. Everything was still as if “glued” and no movement, no inspiration and expiration was perceptible in the living. Also, on the bone level no movement. At the end of the treatment, I saw again a strange, first grayish-black, later gray being. Maybe the vaccination being? Through the treatment, especially at the end of the treatment, there was in each case a calming down of the being, which before was buzzing around restlessly and irritated. It nestled as if around the shoulders, as if folded over and crawling into the body. I felt as if it had not yet crawled all the way in but was in the process of joining and blending with the body”. Unfortunately, after many weeks of therapy, there is no real progress, no movement. The patient cannot experience or comprehend these observations in any way. She has no perception of the being and changes in her vital functions and craniosacral rhythms.”

What is special about this report is that the therapist also reports about a dark being, which she calls "vaccine being", that has nested in the aura and the physical body of the client. I asked the therapist to report to me in case there was any development. In August 2021 I received the following:

"After 2 months of weekly treatment, for the first time her craniosacral rhythm reappeared, not in the same strength as before, but it showed itself, which made me very happy for the patient. Nevertheless, in the depth I felt that the tissue wanted to go even more into breathing, expansion and widening, but it was still somehow arrested. The movements are still more perceptible in the vertical plane than in the horizontal. The clear forms of the being are no longer perceptible, but I feel and see where it has settled down, so to speak, and that is: in the center of the body, on the midline and on her heart - there is something sitting on it.”

The tissue is as if solidified and no longer able to pulsate:

A rhythmic masseuse from Switzerland described other phenomena in June 2021:

“I had the opportunity to share observations with some other therapists who have similar perceptions. In addition, I have known many patients for a long time and can clearly perceive the difference between their state then and now. Often the patients themselves do not notice these changes. On the contrary, they feel really good now, they are relieved and happy and “free". Some, of course, display initial flu symptoms in the first few days after the shot. Only very few suffer and perceive more deeply. In most of the vaccinated people I experience condensation in the tissues especially after the second vaccination (often already after the first one). The tissue is as if solidified, no longer mobile, no longer able to pulsate. Also, a palpable cooling (coldness) shows up in many. With one patient I had the experience of massaging a “corpse". Even less than before, people have sensations of their coldness. There are visible changes in the face. The gaze often becomes rigid, the contours firmer or the people get a rather turgid face. The face becomes like a mask, transformed. That which wants to shine through is missing. Often, the old weaknesses and symptoms, which were already improved, reappear on all levels due to vaccination: For example, pain, joint blockages, muscle cramps and stiffness (for example in Parkinson's disease), hardening of the spine, tinnitus etc. In the soul life I often perceive a strikingly sharp-chiseled gesture, all the way to (latent) aggressiveness. In the soul-spiritual sphere I observed a phenomenon that I would describe like this: The abilities acquired over many months and years through the work of the “I" are once again pushed into the background. For example, old, basic fears, illusions, rigid ideas and patterns, etc. reappear suddenly. In some this went as far as clearly perceptible (temporary?) changes in their core being. The effect on me as a therapist is in a modified form like that of the vaccinated people themselves - if I am not vigilant and do not protect myself sufficiently. Above all I experience that sometimes, out of the blue, the forces are suddenly pulled away from me. It happens completely unexpectedly, even if I have a good day. If I am not completely in myself and especially in my hands, they become more immobile including borderline rigidity and pain. It is also necessary to guide the thought activity well; it is also in danger of being taken over by disturbing thoughts.”

This brings us to the perspective of the effects on the life of the soul. Psychotherapists are particularly concerned with this.

Hardening in the Soul:

From a psychotherapist from Hesse in April 2021:

“About one third of my clients are vaccinated, ten in total. I am no longer able to reach and experience them directly as I used to, but now have to do much more and take longer to get in touch with their “I”. It feels like they are behind a concrete wall. The concrete wall feeling is with AstraZeneca; with BioNTech and Modern it is more as if the “I” is choked with lumps. Since the vaccination, I have experienced an increased influence of the dark layers, something has opened up. As a therapist I have to be more careful not to be drawn into something dark myself and I have to connect more consciously with the light. With the dark layers that are stored individually and collectively in the spiritual earth. I often feel alone in my work now. I know these clients well, but somehow, they are no longer there. In the aftermath of a session, I no longer feel the person, even though they were physically there. There is one exception. With a woman who meditates and has also thought for a long time whether she should be vaccinated, it is not like that. With her I do not experience any separation. Obviously, she was able to transform the soul-spiritual effects of the vaccination”.

The Baden working group had similar perceptions in May 2021:

“While observing vaccinated people (with AstraZeneca and BioNTech) we perceived the process of increasing hardening in the soul-element”

Similar signature to cancer patients:

The following experiences with Dark Field Microscopy from April 2021 are not based on supersensory but on sensory perception. The spiritual world creates and shapes the material world and is therefore visible in it. It makes sense to support manifold examinations and to use different, also sense world methods of perception. An alternative practitioner wrote to me:

“As an alternative practitioner I am well versed in Dark Field Microscopy, especially in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer patients and autoimmune diseases. With this method blood cells and other structures in the blood can be observed in up to 1000 times magnification. I have noticed that in the cases where I have looked at the blood of vaccinated patients so far, it had a signature similar to that of cancer patients. The blood of vaccinated people also had a similarity to cases of very severe autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. In summary, this means that the Life Ether is almost absent. As long as I could observe this - although the observation time was not very long - there was no reaction to multiple therapeutic interventions, not even a positive change in time. If this should prove to be true, it would mean that a part of the vaccinated people could have a very unfavorable course in the occurrence of secondary conditions in the next 6 to 18 months, as we know it for example with secondary carcinomas after leukemia or lymphomas”

Most of the time the vaccinated cannot perceive the changes in their bodies themselves, but some do.

I received the following reports: Eleonore, a refine-sensitive woman, reported that dreams used to be very important for her. Since the vaccination she no longer dreams.

More reports from therapists and alternative practitioners:

The question arises whether such supersensible effects of the vaccines are also perceived by other people? Therefore, I researched in online forums of therapists and alternative practitioners, where there are also some who can experience supersensibly. What is their experience? I do not know the respective authors and therefore I cannot judge or confirm their way of working. Exactly this distance is an advantage to broaden the basis of experience. I found many confirming descriptions. The following is a selection.

"I do Healing Massage. I have a client who has been coming to me for a long time. Today she had an appointment with scheduled long time ago. My dogs did not greet her as they always do. I thought it was because she was not here for a while. I started my usual treatment, but it was different from usual. I just could not get into the depth. After half an hour I asked her if she was vaccinated, because I kept hitting a wall. ‘Yes', she said, 'a week ago’".

"We had the same experience in our practice for body therapy. You can't get into the tissue and the system of some vaccinated people".

"I work as a naturopath and many patients unfortunately get vaccinated. I find some of them repulsive: strange color of their faces, aura field torn, as if they were disembodied. Some of them I cannot test bioenergetically at first, because there is an energetic shock on the kidney in the sense of a cybernetic blockade".

"I also notice with some vaccinated people that the aura, which was previously strong and colorful, collapses and becomes gray. Yet this is not the case with all of them. When I do chakra balancing, some feel like after a chemotherapy, rigid, metallic, and almost not permeable. I would like to emphasize that this is not the case with everyone, with some I don't feel any difference".

"Since early childhood I have been able to see people's aura colors. I am sensitive. I “see" aura mostly as a basic color with different colored speckles. When I meet with vaccinated people, my eyes often “search" for aura, but all I can see is a smooth gray surface, like concrete. This confuses me, no other color appears".

"The aura of vaccinated people often changes. It becomes cracked, broken and unprotected from foreign energies. The energies of the vaccinated flow out unfiltered and foreign energies flow in”.

"I have a naturopathic practice where I also work osteopathically (i.e., on the patient, with contact). Three weeks ago, I had a patient who was vaccinated with J&J five days earlier, although he did not tell me about it until afterwards. During the treatment I noticed several energy tentacles that were docked. In addition, the general life energy was very low. I removed tentacles, stabilized his energies, and tried to reconnect him (grounding and upward). He was better the next day".

"I am highly sensitive and can see people's aura. With some vaccinated people the aura is not colorful as with others, but gray and I can smell vaccinated people. The smell is sweetish and penetratingly unpleasant".

 "My husband and I do in body work. It is frightening to see how the vaccinated clients degrade. Their skin color changes, they seem to have aged for years, lymph nodes are swollen for a long time, the aura is “tattered" and many of them smell very unpleasant.”

"I am an alternative practitioner; I also do energetic treatments and sometimes I can't find the energy field of people who have been vaccinated. This can be found next to the body of the vaccinated".

These are some of the reports from people who have psychic perceptions. These reports testify to the strong effects of Corona vaccinations on the bodies of the human being that make up the aura. These effects can be described in more detail.

Detailed consideration of the effect of Corona vaccinations on the constitution of the human beings

Some research groups can make detail supersensible observations of the human constitution. The members of the Working Group Hessen are experienced and accomplished spiritual researchers who work together on a regular basis. From them comes the following three case studies.

"May 20, 2021: A woman had received a first vaccination with AstraZeneca. After that she felt bad and did not want to work anymore. She is a psychotherapist and became grumpy with her patients.

The investigation revealed:

- In her aura there was the Vaccine-Being of AstraZeneca, which influenced all members of her constitution

- The spiritual members of her being (Spirit-Man, Life-Spirit and Spirit[1]Self) had a connection to the 9th subterranean region of the earth; they were influenced by it and blocked.

- Through this relationship, the door to beings of transhumanism was opened, which began forming a spiritual metal-line in her spinal cord.

- Her angel appeared in the imaginative perception gray and somewhat unsound.

-On the level of the Intellectual Soul we experienced a blockage between the forehead and the crown chakra. We interpreted this as a separation of the Intellectual Soul from the higher self.

- The effects of the Vaccine-Being also went into the astral and etheric bodies. In the etheric body we perceived many small demons moving chaotically and dissonantly, bubbling like champagne.

- The Body Elemental Being was subdued in its activity.

- In all chakras we felt blockages.

These difficult effects must have come from the vaccination, because before that Elke was in a good condition. She also experienced these effects in the joint examination. She was shocked by the results and wanted to neutralize the Vaccine-Being and harmonize her bodies through spiritual healing work. This happened, and after that she felt a great relief. Gradually the will to work came back”.

This example shows how profoundly Corona vaccination interferes with all members of the human being. Everything was taken over and impaired. However, the description also shows that such spiritual vaccine-damage can be neutralized if they are approached accordingly. It is important to emphasize this, so that the descriptions collected here are understood in the right way. It is a matter of looking at the reality soberly to learn and develop necessary steps. If reports frighten, one should not suppress it, but let oneself be touched by it. It must be digested. However, the next step is of course to develop appropriate ways out. Here another report of a differentiated consideration of the bodies and a successful harmonization from June 1, 2021:

“We could examine a woman vaccinated with BioNTech and found the following:

- There was no spiritual connection to the Being of Illness of Covid19 as well as to the Virus-Being of SarsCoV2, but very strongly to the BioNTech-Vaccine Being. Starting from this we experienced strong dark intentions, behind it Beings of Transhumanism were active. We asked ourselves: Why do the Covid19 Illness-Beings not appear, although BioNTech is supposed to protect against it? We were surprised, because with other traditional vaccines a connection to the respective Beings of Illnesses is established.

- The Body-Elemental-Being was considerably subdued in its function.

- The etheric body appeared as if pressed together in a clamp.

- In the astral body there was a narrow astral cord through the spinal cord and the chakras.

- The sentient body was condensed in the abdominal cavity.

- The angel appeared with a black core, his own spiritual connection to the higher angelic hierarchies was obstructed. (The angel was connected in a regular way in earlier observations). - The constituent angelic hierarchies, which create the physical body (i.e., the hierarchical beings, which convey the respective archetypes of the organs to the elemental beings), also had dark cores, their cosmic connection was hindered.

- The mental body was strongly limited, there was something like a wall around it; we interpret this as a limiting effect on thinking.

- The “I" appeared damaged, with spikes turned inward in the imaginative image.

- The Spirit-Self was shadowed.

- Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man were normal. The Being of BioNTech had taken over a similar function as a Being of Illness (Disease-Being). A Disease-Being is often like a taproot that cuts into different bodies of the human being. In spirit healing, the BioNTech being had to be removed step by step, each member of the human being was worked on, through cooperation with healing forces and the Ascended Masters. The woman had not noticed anything special at the beginning, only when she was gradually freed from the influence of the Vaccine-Being, she started to experience the difference. She commented: ‘Now I can breathe again’; ‘Now I can think again’”.

In comparison, the examination of a J&J vaccination showed a somewhat more relaxed picture.

“A man from the USA got vaccinated so that he could continue working. We found:

- There was a clear spiritual connection to Covid19 and SarsCov2, the connection to the Being of J&J was clearly weaker than in the case with BioNTech. Also, the connection to the Transhumanism beings was clearly milder.

- There was a clamp in the etheric body in the spinal cord and in the lower back.

- There was no apparent influence on the Astral Body and the Sentient Soul.

- The Body-Elemental-Being was free.

- Only the forehead chakra, throat chakra and solar plexus chakra were blocked, the other chakras were free.

- The mental body had dark contours.

 - The “I”- substance appeared to Imagination stained with cone[1]shaped imprints.

- Spirit-Self and Life-Spirit appeared conceal.

- The guardian angel appeared on the leash of the J&J being, that is, the angel was dulled.

- The constituent angels were free.”

Basic pattern of spiritual vaccine-damages

In-depth investigations were also possible for the Eastern Germany Working Group. This summarized in June 2021:

"We were able to observe 20 vaccinated individuals on a regular basis during the last months. Even if the effects of the Corona vaccinations are individually different and change over time, there are some basic patterns which often repeat, which we summarize below. We observe the members of the human being in a detailed way. Normally these are arranged as follows (For clarity the representations are simplified)

 The normal constitution of the members of the human being is such that the etheric body and the “I"-organization surround the physical body. Sentient body with the soul members penetrates the thorax and the head. The Higher Self is located behind the head. The body elemental being dwells in the trunk and penetrates the whole body with its consciousness. The double walks by the side of a person. And the guardian angel guides the person near him, slightly behind him.

The Corona vaccinations, regardless of whether with BioNTech, Modern, AstraZeneca or Johnson&Johnson, led to significant changes in the configuration of the bodies. After vaccination we often noticed the following:

Typical effects of vaccination

Vaccination often causes shifting of the members of the human being. The etheric body becomes smaller. The sentient body with the soul members (Sentient, - Intellectual - and Consciousness Soul) shift and lose the connection with the physical human being. The I-organization slips backwards and shows itself diminished; this same with the spirit core or the higher SeIf. Thus, the human being becomes more strongly bound to matter. The body-elemental-being should take care of the human being, now it leaves, and remains only in the proximity. Also, a separation from the angel occurs - angel and man can no longer feel each other. These are very painful conditions for these etheric and spiritual entities which carry and support the human being. Instead of them, the double of the person (the shadow, or the unresolved old karma) connects itself more strongly with the human being. From the spiritual dark subterranean layers of the earth come forces that affect the “I”- organization, the higher self, and the angel. We had the impression that the stronger effect of the Double relates to a strengthening of the ego, the lower “I” hardened in egoism. This sometimes manifested itself in a more self-confident appearance of the person, which, however, had the source in self-centeredness. In such encounters one did not meet the real human being as before, instead the ego and the “primitive man” were more pronounced.

Effects on the organs

Changes caused by the Corona vaccination were also perceptible in the supersensible layers of the organs. Just as it is possible to see the aura layers of the whole human being, it is also possible in the case of individual organs. Each organ and each cell are permeated by the etheric body, astral body, and “I”-organization. To perceive this, it is necessary to connect intensively with an organ through the power of concentration. Through such meditative connection Imaginations are available that tell something about conditions of organs. In repeated comparison between different researchers these inner impressions become more precise. We experience that with the vaccine, Ahrimanic, hardening elemental beings entered the organs. The astral body and the ‘I”-organization of the organs were clearly quenched and contracted. Also, the etheric body became weaker and connected more strongly with the material body; it became more physical in this respect. The changes in the higher bodies described here were found in smaller or bigger extent in all examined cases. In people whom we could observe continuously and who were not treated spiritually during the period of observation, the phenomena did not decrease, but rather became stronger over the weeks. This distortion within the spiritual constitution of the organs is caused by dark beings, which enter the human being through the vaccination.

Three groups of beings:

In the descriptions collected here, three groups of beings appear. Those beings gain access to the members the human being through the Corona vaccination:

First, the Vaccine-Being: These are spirit beings of the lower level of the spiritual world. They have a determining and intervening effect on almost all bodies of the human being and resemble various Illness-Beings. In the aura, one can experience these Vaccine-Beings as a taproot that goes down through the physical human being into all members of human constitution. They are descendants and local representatives of the group souls or group spirits of specific vaccines.

Secondly, the soratic spirits of transhumanism: The vaccine beings are related to soratic spirits of transhumanism, which through them gain access to the layers of human aura. There they appear as black, sharp, sucking formations or spots, especially in the radius of about three feet and more, in the whole aura as well as in the highest members of the human being (I, Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit, Spirit-Self).

Thirdly, small ahrimanized elemental beings: These occupy especially the etheric body and the organs.

These three groups of beings seem to be the main causes of the described displacements and blockages within human constitution. The purpose of a spiritual healing is to remove these three groups of beings from the human aura. This should proceed out of the activity of the “I” of the vaccinated person, who ideally develops strength that makes it difficult for these beings to enter again.

Based on my own observations I have the following picture:

- If a vaccinated person does not engage in an active process, the spirits of transhumanism work in the whole aura; in such case they also strongly radiate into the environment.

- If a vaccinated person has engaged in the process - consciously or unconsciously - then many spirits of transhumanism leave. Only deposits remain, as well as the Vaccine-Being, which is then more subdued in its effectiveness. At least this is how I have observed it on people who at first glance do not look like they have been vaccinated at all.

- With increasingly active work, the Vaccine-Being moves further and further away from the human being, up to about six feet away. In such case it no longer has a determining influence.

- The small Ahrimanic elemental beings give way for the most part when the spiritual levels are cleared. However, this should be controlled; often they still need specific complementary treatment.

Working through the vaccination

The question arises: how to process the vaccination? According to my impressions, this can be individually very different. I have experienced and heard most diverse stories in this regard. There are many factors that play a role.

One's own decision to vaccinate: If one gets vaccinated out of fear or ideological conviction, there is a danger that the associated entities can penetrate deeper than in people with more composed motivations.

Motivation of the doctor: The spiritual attitude of the doctor (or a person; trans.), who administers the vaccine also plays a role. The soul-spiritual atmosphere during the vaccination can invite or discourage hostile spirits. The patient can also influence this, for example, by praying during the vaccination.

Awareness of the problem: If one is aware that vaccination may cause soul[1]spiritual damage and that one must take care of it – such awareness is priceless. This will become a starting point in the soul for a - conscious or unconscious - confrontation with the being of the vaccine. Without awareness of the problem, there is a danger for the soul of blindly falling into it and not finding a way to understand what is happening.

Medicinal support: There are various possibilities with natural remedies and homeopathic medicines. For this, please consult an health practitioner or a doctor.

Therapeutic support: All therapies that have a special effect on the higher members of human constitution can help, for example therapeutic eurythmy, rhythmical massage, craniosacral therapy, art therapy, etc.

Basic spiritual strengthening: The more one regularly strengthens the spiritual connection through meditation, prayer, religious ritual, singing or reading spiritual literature, the less one is accessible for spiritual attacks.

Spiritual-healing intervention: It seems to me very important to directly confront the beings connected with the inoculation in meditation or prayer; to meet them with the power of Christ, Archangel Michael (assertiveness), Archangel Raphael (healing power), healing Buddha or other higher spirit beings. Through this these adversarial beings can be removed from the aura and their effects can be transformed. Everything that is done in this direction has an effect, even if one is not able to discern this by personally. For support it may be useful to seek the help of an experienced spiritual healer.

The processing of the vaccination should not be underestimated, as should have become clear from the previous descriptions. One is dealing with a class of adversary spirits that can quickly overwhelm one. Even if the processing needs only a few weeks with some people, others must work on it for many months.

Study of the vaccines

Having looked at the effects on vaccinated people, let us now look directly at vaccines to deepen our understanding.

About mode of operation

The investigations took place in several independent working groups. The following are representative excerpts from the reports, which give a lively and hopefully comprehensible impression. There were more investigations than the one mentioned here, the results always went in the same direction. For spiritual research a representativeness is needed, which opens an access into the "information field". Different research groups chose different methodical ways. The examinations revealed how the vaccines work on the members of the human being, and how they affect the connection with the angel and body-elemental being. The following two reports are very detailed, and open the way to a possibility to follow the course of specific investigations.

Possessive BioNTech:

On March 18, 2021, the working group Switzerland-Midland worked with Pfizer BioNTech. The investigation was carried out by Markus, who is a therapist trained in the perception of the living element and aura. Siegfried observed the process from the outside.

Markus: “I took a used ampule with vaccine residue in my right hand during a “self-testing" experiment and wanted to see what would happen. I deliberately got involved with the effect. After some time, it began to tingle and sting slightly, especially on the inside my palm, where the hand chakra is located. Then slowly a fine ray went through the wrist into the forearm and radiated further into the upper arm, changed over the shoulder from the right side along the neck to the left side of the neck and went over the back of the head up, touching the left sleep area, further into the head. After some time, this ray traveled downward through the head, toward the neck, and further through the chest, right past the heart into the left abdomen. There, approximately near the stomach, this pressure-pain settled, as if it wanted to penetrate the intestines with a gripping arm. I could clearly feel this pulsation as it slowly took hold. This pressure and pulsation lasted for several hours, even though I tried energetically to eliminate this “something" in me with the help of my body-elemental-being. Despite this deeply penetrating, throbbing pain, I fell asleep at some point. When I awoke in the morning, it was gone. This experience was very memorable, and I don't want to know what would have happened if it had been a full ampoule of this vaccine. Siegfried: I was present at the examination and concentrated on what was happening with Markus. Already after a few minutes there were massive reactions, so that he had to put the ampule away again after about seven minutes. I experienced imaginatively how a “greenish” spiritual substance, entered his body, and then took the path which he described. This substance appeared to be very poisonous and aggressive to his etheric body. Since he reacted a bit constricted, I tried to help with spiritual power and neutralize it through the upper chakras. This worked, but it was long and exhausting to get this poisoning process out of the body. The next morning Markus was symptom-free again. He is very skilled in spiritual work, and so he was able to work intensively on himself. We have done this test also with other therapists and doctors, each time practically with the same result.

I feel cut off from the spiritual world:

The W├╝rttemberg working group met on May 5, 2021, with two observers:

Here are my notes on the two vaccines, Pfizer BioNTech and AstraZeneca. We resonated with them and experienced this in our ether and astral bodies. For both of us they caused very negative sensations. The spiritual observation showed beings who have connected with the highest adversary powers and carry these powers up to the astral and aetheric. My perceptions: BioNTech: - Heaviness spreads on the ground, like fog, hanging shoulders, dark. - Qualities like depression. - Sink into heaviness, whole body becomes heavy and loses “I”- signature and uprightness. - I feel cut off from the spiritual world. - Like a dark blanket, waiting, impenetrable is above me and in the entire room. - Creative-spiritual impulses (for example, making music, meditating, social contacts, etc.): It takes a lot of effort to get up for it. Afterwards I feel better. AstraZeneca: - Headache in forehead, tightening. - Attack more directly on the “I" level, like shots. - Feels insidious, more invested, spiky (not that heaviness), more unpredictable. After about five minutes the effect was too strong on me, that I ended the examination and left the room. My colleague stayed longer and tried to evoke Christ-forces against it. When I came back, the atmosphere in the room was much better again.

Effects of BioNTech, Modern, AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson are similar

An important result of the studies by the various working groups is that the four vaccines leading the way in Western countries have similar effects. There are differences, but not significant ones. Below are some excerpts from protocols of various spiritual research groups.

Effects on the member of human constitution:

"The physical body felt cramped, I had no more connection to the etheric body, the astral body was curled, my “I" slipped upward out of the aura”.

"Physically, I became angular and sharp-contoured, my movements also became like that".

"I got a migraine and felt like a metal plate over my head. The body elemental being immediately left the body. The heart and lungs in the etheric body felt constricted, the rest of the body felt perforated. The astral body left the body. I could not get into the higher members of the being, and I could not get into the feet. The tightness in the chest was threatening and dark, I had to stop".

"On and in my skin, I experienced a stinging, partly a burning. It felt as if my corporeality was slipping was slipping deeper into the earth. I had the sensation as if I were two people stuck inside each other. The sheath-man remains, the inner man slides deeper. My arms were inwardly as if pulled up, as if in a fall. My head was pressed and compressed. My uprightness ended just above my skull, and I had no more consciousness of the area above my head. My heart became heavy, and my breathing was labored".

"The vaccine had a space-occupying and constricting effect. It formed a solid armor around me, my limbs were bound, immobilized, my body felt like a sticky mass, like tar. I had an experience the I am becoming soft like rubber. The head was like a roof collapsing into me, everything collapsed, like a skyscraper blowing up, from top to bottom".

"In the head area I had a strong dizziness. In the physical-etheric, a dying process started from top to bottom, like an agony. In the atrial body there were hardly any connections to the physical-etheric area and to the “I". The “I" appeared to me like a frozen block with cracks, like in eralier times with car windows, hit by a stone. The Christ felt far away, as did the angel. Normally I experience them very close. I asked myself: What is it like in such a state in the life after death? It must be blocked after all. And how is it in the next life on earth?"

"In summary, one can say that first the body elemental being is inactivated and then the connection to the angel, to the inner guidance breaks off. An experience of loneliness, isolation and coldness then sets in".

Effect on the angel:

"The connection to the angel behind me is weakened.”

"It feels as if between the angel and me a steel trapdoor has fallen down, I now feel alone and cut off."

"The angel is gone; I have no more connection with him."

"The angel no longer entered the lower members of the being."

But not only the connection of the human being to the angel was affected, but there were also descriptions that the angel himself was burdened:

"The angel collapsed; his previous uprightness is no longer there.”

"Immediately the angel wanted to separate off; he experienced an attack."

Soul and social life: How does the vaccine affect my needs, feeling life, work and life planning?

"I no longer felt the need to think and decide for myself, I became content to follow instructions, no questions asked. I became totally gray, everything doesn't matter, everything is ok. My mucous membranes became dry, I felt like a reptile."

"I experience distance, no connection, no feeling, no social contacts, I feel lost, my emotional life is cold."

"Everything should be strictly organized, I wish for order, I am resigned, on the run, only registering. In my emotional life, I experience shame, malice and maliciousness."

"Contacts do not interest me, I find distance to other people good. I am grateful for instructions and guidance. I do not have direction in life. In my emotional life there is no empathy, no interest. In my professional life I just want to function. In an attempted meditation I bump into a wall and am pushed back."

No relation to the illness

The Hessen Working Group drew attention to another important aspect in its report from March 1, 2021:

“For every illness there is a living original idea or Disease-Being in the spiritual world. In case of an illness, a relation of the Disease-Being to the individual human being is established; This can be perceived in the aura. The Disease-Being remains in the aura through the length of the illness and in most cases also after the recovery - until the biographical reason for the connection is solved. Vaccinations introduce forced connection to Disease-Beings independent from biographical necessities; this prevents the being to detach from human aura in a natural way. We were able to observe two people who were vaccinated with BioNTech and made the following discovery: Both had no relation to the Covid19- Being or to the Virus Being of SarsCoV2. Instead, we found a new dark BioNTech Disease-Being.”

This means that instead of coping with the Covid19 disease, people receive a vaccine being in their aura, which then affects them similarly to a Disease-Being for a long time.

On the Supersensible Structure of the Corona Vaccines

Another point of view is the following: What can be discovered if we look not at the effects of the vaccines, but supersensibly consider the vaccines themselves? Often there were following impressions: Biting, dark spherical formations are visible in the vaccine aura. These are aggressive and attacking and they seem to be occupied by the Soratic beings. The working group East Germany described in April 2021:

“When looking at corona vaccines, regardless of variety, we found an etheric aura of about 8 inches around the ampule. Within it are countless water elementals that take care of the liquid of the vaccine. These are strongly ahrimanized, that is, associated with Ahrimanic spirit beings. The second type of entities are earth elementals, gnomes, who were also strongly ahrimanized, probably during the production of the vaccine. These are most likely responsible for the construction of the genetic information on the material plane. Elemental beings have the task to constitute the matter according to spiritual laws. The ones connected with the Corona vaccines, which we are dealing with here, relate to beings from the adversary spheres (Ahrimanic spirits). Thus, these elemental beings lose their positive attitude towards man and become aggressive. They can cause harm to man’s etheric body, which consequently has negative effect on other members of the human being. We tried to perceive them imaginatively, that is pictorially, and to bring these impressions on paper. Since they have no visible form, they naturally do not look like that. Yet the peculiar mood of these elemental beings is expressed in the pictures better than words could describe it

Imaginative representation of Ahrimanic water elemental beings in the etheric aura of the vaccines

Imaginative representation of Ahrimanic earth-elemental beings in the etheric aura of the vaccines:

These elemental beings are the ones who, together with other Soratic, Asuric and Ahrimanic entities, take up and change the supersensible members of human constitution.”

Machine-human as a goal

It took many attempts before we understood the powerful effects of BioNTech, Modern, AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson. Important thing is that - spiritually speaking - at the core, these are filled with Soratic beings. Of course, all other groups of adversarial spirits are also involved. At first glance one can experience Ahrimanic beings, perhaps also Asuric beings. However, inside of them the Soratic beings are at work, setting the tone. These beings do not originate from the development of our solar system and in this respect must be considered as outer-planetary spirits. Unlike the Luciferic and Ahrimanic fallen angelic beings, they are not part of the development of our spiritual planetary system, described in detail in Rudolf Steiner's "Occult Science".  Through human unconscious attraction or conscious invitation, they gain access and can thus influence our life on earth. The Soratic beings are known for thousands of years; they inspire oppression, abuse, hatred, war, black magic, etc. But today a new kind is also emerging. Some people within my research network are skilled in perceiving the Soratic beings. Yet, this new species was at first incomprehensible and unclassifiable to us. There is also no established terminology for this species. We have chosen the term “Spirits of Transhumanism” because these beings seem to be at the spiritual core of transhumanism. Transhumanism wants to merge human being with machines and thus to abolish our soul-spiritual being forever. Supersensibly, the transhumanism spirits do exactly that. The spiritual effects are already here even if the brain is not yet connected to a computer – a dream of the transhumanists. They reach for the human being, and if they gain access, human beings loose - partially or completely - their spiritual connection. For this purpose, these beings possess especially the Phantom body (physical spirit body) and the etheric body. They “glue" them together and shut them off from soul and spirit and the soul-spiritual surroundings. In this respect these beings want to turn the human being into a “Machine-Man", cut off from the spirit. We found that all group spirits of the four examined vaccines are occupied by the spirits of transhumanism. Moreover, we found them in individual ampules, through which they enter the human being by means of vaccination. To spiritual experience they appear as “devoid of the “I” metallic”, “brute” and threatening. A colleague encountered a leading group spirit of one of the vaccines. Its intention came clearly to light:

"I saw a high spirit being of the vaccine, a narrow, rugged, sinister figure, extremely evil, with a will of annihilation of everything that is human: The angel is as if cut off, the etheric pulverized, the soul subjugated, the Self extinguished. What remains are devoid of I, empty shelled automaton people; scrawny, rickety, metallic; they are to be held like puppets on a long string."

Spiritual Corona Vaccinations

The Corona vaccines are filled with aggressive adversary spirits, which through vaccination anchor within the bodies of the human being. But is it possible to absorb these intrusive spirits without actual physical vaccinations? From the Hesse Working Group I received this remarkable report dated May 20, 2021:

Heidrun is a nurse and was always totally exhausted on the days she had to vaccinate. She vaccinates with AstraZeneca and Pfizer BioNTech. The exhaustion was definitely related to the vaccinating, because on the days she wasn’t involved in it, she was not exhausted. Heidrun described that after the day of vaccinating people, she felt constricted in her own skin, and as if her body was no longer her own. The examination showed that she had a spiritual relationship to the SarsCoV2 group soul but no relationship to Covid19. Thus, there was no Covid19 disease present. The relationship to SarsCoV2 could have been developed due to her working with the vaccines or from a normal encounter with the virus. It was striking that in addition to that, she also developed a relationship to the Pfizer BioNTech group soul as well as to the soratic spirits of transhumanism - even though she was not vaccinated. Normally such spiritual connection is not possible without physical inoculation. That is, these beings must have “jumped" over to her. The AstraZeneca beings did not jump over. After the spiritual cleansing from the relation to BioNTech and the beings of transhumanism, she felt better again. A friend wanted to speak to me urgently. She reported that she had been beside herself for a week, had hardly any energy, had lost her goals in life and many bad feelings were coming up in her. She did not know what had happened to her. It had been like this since Sunday. In the supersensible investigation she looked as if she had received a Corona vaccination. A part of her soul constitution and I-organization were removed for about 15 inches to the right; there was a blockage between the angel and her; in her aura there were dark beings, sparlings of soratic beings and spirits of transhumanism. She is a spiritually developed person, experienced in healing work she does with clients. And yest, she got caught. Nobody is perfect - in every aura there are holes of unresolved old karma. Through these holes beings connected to the corona vaccines may enter - even without the syringe. We discussed the impressions, turned with concentrated healing power towards those beings and after an hour she felt centered again and restored. A week later I had a similar experience, a friend of mine was down and didn't know what was wrong with her. In meditative diagnosis it turned out that in her “I” she was possessed by soratic spirits of transhumanism. Here again, the problem could be solved. Thus, it is possible to absorb spirits that work in the corona vaccine into the soul without being physically vaccinated. This is not at all surprising. This is also the case with the supersensible perceptions of these beings, but in a controlled and protected way. I write these experiences down because they could be helpful in certain situations. Just the realization that one could have taken in such beings can bring ordering clarity, so that the soul wins its own space again. In contrast, a physical inoculation is of course many times more profound and therefore more difficult to harmonize.

Medication damage in life after death

In order to classify the description of the side effects of Corona vaccination on the afterlife, it is first necessary to collect some corresponding experiences with other medications. The life after death is governed by laws. These are described in detail in anthroposophy and correspond with modern research on near-death experiences as well as with the esoteric knowledge of other cultures. In our materialistic time there is a superstition that one cannot know what comes after death. Yet it is possible – only we must be willing to look more closely. Today it is possible for many people to experience the deceased with whom they had a spiritual connection during their lifetime. One comes to very detailed perceptions by means of the supersensible research. For those who such experiences are not possible can study the content of the spiritual science and penetrate it with their thinking. For example, there is a well readable summary and many literature references from the working group "Sterbekultur".

The Afterlife

In the following some typical stages in keywords - whereby the ways through the world of afterlife can be individually very different, depending on what the soul brings along. With death the material body is discarded. That is, the connections of the etheric body to the material body are loosened. With this, the etheric body expands. When a dead person is laid out, one can often experience how the entire room or apartment is filled with his or her etheric body. Since all memories are inscribed in the etheric body, they are released by the expansion and the deceased experiences a panorama of life - everything experienced is simultaneously clear and colorful for them. Normally, the angel can be experienced immediately by the dead person and through the angel the light of the Christ. Depending on the cultural context there are different names for it. Usually other souls, who have died before, come to receive the deceased, and help them to find their way in the spiritual world. In the after-life phase of the Kamaloka, in the Moon-sphere, the dead are busy with the reappraisal of their life. They experience their “corpses in the cellar”; they also experience how their deeds affected other people. It is often not easy to endure this change of perspective. The dead also process collective themes and thus can gradually “live into” higher angelic regions. In the Devachan, in the spiritual world, a change takes place. The dead person expands from a “point to peripheries”, from an individual to a cosmic human being. In the higher regions of the spiritual world, human being actively participates in the development of the world and the formation of karma for future incarnations. At the same time, purity and bliss continue to increase. However, there are many blockades and dead ends in the afterlife. Soul’s Earth bondage is a very big problem today. This is described very closely and in many ways in the book “Bridges Between Life and Death” by Iris Paxino. The book also presents methods to help how the dead.  After-death blockages can have etheric, soul, spiritual causes. For example, the shock of a very sudden accidental death can lead to an after-death binding. Unsolved and suppressed soul-traumas collected during lifetime often become an insurmountable blockade which the soul cannot get past after death. A too deep willful immersion in a materialistic way of thinking can lead to an darkening of consciousness in the afterlife. In consequence the soul does not perceive its spiritual environment. However, not only the state of soul and spirit affects the life after death; there are also blockages caused by a poisoning of the body. I came across this topic for the first time in January 2011.

Cemented ether body after chemotherapy

During a meditation class Martin was taken by a deep sadness, which surprised him, and kept him occupied throughout the day. We took a closer look and it turned out that his twin brother, Stefan, died of cancer six years ago at the age of 39. Stefan had been a folk singer in Ireland and lived a cheerful and carefree life. Before his death he was receiving strong chemotherapy and had a bloated face. The sadness that overtook Martin was not his own feelings, but the feelings of his brother. He was in despair, because he was not able to let go - he felt as if he was bound with iron chains by an external power. I didn't understand it at first, because in his soul Stefan was jovial, happy, and free; I couldn't find any bond at all. Only when I looked at his etheric body (life body) I understood that it was solidified like a black glue, compacted like asphalt. These were the consequences of chemotherapy. Stefan's astral body (soul body) could not separate from the ether body; his astral body was not able to leave his earthly life behind and enter the Kamaloka, that is, into the so- called Moon Sphere. This was not possible for Stefan, although he urgently longed for it. I found soratic-ahrimanic beings in his etheric body, which were obviously connected with the substances used in chemotherapy and thus had gained access to Stefan's body. These were side effects of the chemotherapy, which are not described in the package insert. It is known, however, that cemeteries prolong the lying time of dead bodies with chemotherapy, because these bodies do not decompose easy (39 - Frankfurter Allgemieine Zeitung 199, newspaper article from 9.5.1997, "Chemotherapie verzoegert Verwesungsprozess" - “Chemotherapy delays process of decomposition”). This is an earthly expression of what Stefan experienced in the spiritual world. We could not let this stand but were called upon to do our utmost to help. Through an intensive connection with archangels and the Christ and turning to the stuck etheric body, it gradually became so soft that Stefan's soul could detach from it. Stefan immediately spread a great cheerfulness and a lot of light, which was amazing. I saw the etheric body riding away with black spots. It remains unclear to me what this means karmically. What happens to these black spots? Martin knew about the afterlife theoretically, but he felt too united with his own experiences. We talked about it, and I told him the following sentence: “Dear Stefan, thank you for your love and attention. Even if I do not always experience it consciously, we are united in our hearts!” With this sentence, Martin's tears flowed down his cheeks, it was very touching, a reunion of twin brothers after six years of separation. Martin now has a very good spiritual companion in Stefan. While I was working on this text, I encountered a 24-year-old man who ran a YouTube channel and died of cancer a few days ago. A very light and refreshing soul, who is well on the path in the afterlife and was enveloped by his angel. However this young man too had dense lumps in his etheric body due to the chemotherapy, which were shaking him and burdening him. “Had I known that”, I heard him moaning inwardly, “I would not have taken these substances”. But unlike Stefan, he will be able to free his etheric body himself. Even though I often encounter such cases of after-death side effects of chemotherapy, it does not mean that it is always the case. I have also seen deceased people who went through chemotherapy without anything being noticeable to them. It certainly depends on the type and amount of medication and on how the chemotherapy was accompanied. If the patient actively turns the physical experience of chemotherapy into a spiritual transformation, it will positively influence the effect on the etheric body. Accompanying mistletoe treatment, other strengthening medications, art therapy, etc. will also have a positive influence. There is a need for research in this field.

Exploded ether body

In a 2007 lecture, Dr. Zoltan Schermann, an anthroposophical family physician from the Netherlands, gave a detailed account of a harrowing experience. In his decades of practice as a physician, he had always refused to perform euthanasia, which is permitted in the Netherlands under certain conditions. But a long-time patient who was terminally ill strongly wished him to do so. Because of the long relationship, he could not deny this wish, and after much deliberation, he agreed. In order to understand his experience, it is first necessary to take a look at the normal process of dying. Dr. Schermann describes:

“During my work as a family doctor, I have witnessed the death of a person several times, mostly after a fatal illness. I have always been able to perceive that the etheric body changes in a certain way at the moment of death. At the moment when the soul leaves the body, the etheric body changes. It stretches to some extent, so that it expands over the physical body, but retains the form of the human body. At the level of the navel, the etheric body begins to contract and to rise like a thread. As a thin thread it flows up and disappears somewhere in the height. (...) This takes about three days.”

In Holland, euthanasia is carried out according to precise instructions.

“It is necessary to use two different drugs that are usually used for anesthesia and surgery. One, thiopental, is a barbiturate, while the other, rocuronium, is a muscle relaxant.”

“I had to keep my promise, the moment had arrived for which I as well as the patient and her husband had thoroughly prepared. They had said goodbye and discussed everything that was necessary for them. They were both convinced that the euthanasia was right and timely. I arrived at the appointed time and found her in the hospital bed. Only her husband was present. Once again, I asked if everything was as she wanted. She answered in the affirmative and asked me to carry out the euthanasia. I injected the barbiturate first, then the rocuronium. I waited for the moment of death to see what would happen. But something happened that was completely different from what I had expected. Instead of the silent dissolving of the etheric body, as I described it before, the etheric body welled up. It vehemently swelled up and exploded into countless pieces. The room was full of shimmering shining and swirling scraps. The process lasted only a short time, less than a minute, then everything dissolved and disappeared. The light in the room became dim again, as before, and her husband seemed to have noticed nothing. And there I sat, the syringe still in my hand. I was very, very frightened. Many things became clear to me suddenly. It suddenly became very clear to me where the lie was. It is not only that dying comes too early, and that one is not able to pass through the process illness fully. The matter goes much, much deeper, goes much further.” (...)

“One believes to be merciful, to help someone. To help someone who can no longer bear their suffering from the disease. And afterwards, everyone should be satisfied. Her husband is to this day. But in fact, something completely different happens. We do something that outwardly seems helpful and humane. But what happens? The human being is catapulted into the cosmos without after-death memory, without after-death life panorama and without spiritual light, because his etheric body explodes.” (...)

“Still, something else happened. Because I was so frightened, I was perhaps a little loosened and could perceive more. Suddenly, I became aware of an angelic figure. He was standing to the left of the dead woman. A tall and serious figure, frightening and powerful. I could feel how its strength and power far surpassed human strength and could not be compared with it. (...) It was clear to me that he had been waiting for me to notice him. But he did not say anything, just looked at me seriously. It became clear to me that I had thwarted his work. He approached me, stretched out his hand and pointed at me. And he wrote in me. I felt that he was writing in my bones. He looked at me, pressed something into my bones and then disappeared. At that moment I did not understand what he had written in my bones. But I felt somehow relieved that he had done that. I literally felt in my bones that one day I would get the chance to make up for something here. The threads were already spun. He will bring us together. I am convinced that the explosion of the etheric body is directly related to these medicines. In all other situations, when it was necessary to use traditional medicine in the final stage of the disease, I have never seen anything like that. I mean for example morphine, strong sleeping pills, tranquilizers etc. Here you can see very clearly how the Ahrimanic works. The society develops a procedure, a system. One has a well-defined procedure that looks neat and is even recognized by law. A procedure that offers a solution to hopeless suffering. (...) But in the hidden, in the invisible, something completely different is happening. The people who are subjected to this procedure are pushed out of their karma, get lost in the after-life realm. (...) But just this, the materialistic worldview will never notice.”

Debris field after antibody therapy

Here is the story of an elderly lady found after death in a devastated state, completely desperate, lost, and shocked. The view of her etheric body was almost unbearable, like a field of debris with many buried mines that threatened to explode if one entered the area. This is a terrible state, because the etheric body carries all the memories of the past life, in this respect it is a spiritual home. Even if the etheric body keeps enlarging and merge with the world-ether, the soul always looks to it as its home in the afterlife. This home was destroyed for the old lady. Her spiritual powers were not nearly enough to change her situation. We helped her as much as we could. How could it come to this? She was suffering from various diseases, not unusual for her age, and from cancer. Under pressure from her family, she was put on a modern individual antibody therapy, the best on the market. It cost the health insurance company between 100K and 200K euros. She died anyway. We had the impression that it was mainly the antibody drugs that destroyed the etheric body, although other drugs may have contributed.

Neglecting the after-death side effects is brutal

With these examples, it is not said that all orthodox medications work this way. Many do not, but some do. Such after-death consequences resemble torture. However, the after-death side effects of drugs are not investigated and considered at all. In our society probably not a single cent of tax money has been spent for this. How many billions of public monies, on the other hand, are spent on the development of drugs that cause the greatest suffering after death? What does this say about the condition of our society? The problem has been known for a long time. Rudolf Steiner spoke a hundred years ago very clearly about how material substances can have an after-death effect, for example cyanide.


The fragmenting effect of cyanide can lead to the real death of soul and spirit

Of course, cyanide is not a medicine. But by this example Rudolf Steiner makes clear how the ingestion of material substances can affect the life after-death. Rudolf Steiner on this in his lecture of October 10, 1923:

“And the bad thing is that there is always a danger, when a person is poisoned with cyanide, that this will take the soul with it and that the person, instead of being able to live on in the soul, will be distributed in the whole world, especially in the sunlight. If anthroposophical knowledge would spread, no one would poison themselves with cyanide anymore. It would not even occur to anyone! That poisoning with cyanide occurs is only the consequence of the materialistic world view, because people believe: dead is dead, no matter whether one suffers death by cyanide or by the inner disorganization. But it is not the same! If one suffers the death by the inner disorganization, then soul and spirit will go the usual way into the spiritual world; they just live on. But if you are poisoned by cyanide, then the soul has the intention to go everywhere with every cell of the body, and especially to spread out in the nitrogen and to dissolve in the universe. This is the real death of soul and spirit. If people would know that soul and spirit is the real human being, then they would say: We cannot possibly cause this terrible explosion, which is then caused in a fine way in the whole universe, when a man poisons himself with cyanide. - Because every man, who poisons himself with cyanide, connects in an incorrect way into the current, which goes from the earth to the sun. And one should see, if one had the right instruments, a small explosion in the sun every time a man poisons himself with cyanide. And the sun gets worse because of it. Human beings destroy the universe and also the power that flows from the sun to the earth when they poison themselves with cyanide. Man has a real influence on the universe. If a human beings poison themselves with cyanide, then it is so that they actually ruin the sun! It is with every cyanide poisoning.”

The hierarchies still have an interest in saving the human soul

How can it be that a substance from the physical-material world can have such a great effect on the afterlife and the spiritual world? And does it really mean irreversible destruction for the people who die of cyanide poisoning? These are the questions that occupy Georg Groos (1899-1967). One of his tasks as a watchman at the Goetheanum was to supervise Rudolf Steiner's way from the “Hansi” house, where he lived at that time, to the carpenter's workshop. Thus, he had the opportunity to listen to Steiner's lecture of October 10, 1923, through the wall of the carpenter's workshop. He had difficulties in understanding the effect of the cyanide that had been revealed. He writes in his memoirs:

“Since I could not imagine that a physical substance of material origin could have an effect on the soul, that it would still be influenced by it after death, I asked Rudolf Steiner the question. Rudolf Steiner was immediately ready to explain it to me. He said something like this: The etheric body of the human being is connected to the physical body through oxygen. At the moment when cyanide enters the body, (...) the etheric body is torn apart, and the human being also has no review of life. Yet, the hierarchies are still interested in saving the human soul, which is a horrid work for them. Such a man comes into the world handicapped in the next incarnation, which can be compensated only in several embodiments.

With these statements the question arises, what effects had the Holocaust, in which millions of people were gassed with Zyklon B, which contains cyanide? Is it the same if someone commits suicide with it or if is murdered with it? There is certainly a difference. But there is no blanket answer to this question; there are different cases: On the one hand, there are people who have memories from a previous incarnation in a concentration camp or extermination camp and speak about it publicly, so for them the described fragmentation no longer plays a role. On the other hand, I know from my own experience that there are still many completely fragmented souls. And then I know the case of a woman who died in a gas chamber in her last life and in whom we found a partial fragmentation of the phantom body in an area of the body and worked on it. Taking medications and drugs can have big effects on the afterlife. Matter and spirit are closely connected, more closely than is often assumed. Even if the material body dissolves after death, the phantom body and the etheric body continue to exist and influence the soul and spirit. What are the after-death effects of corona vaccines? “Do not fear those who can kill the body but not soul. Rather be afraid of him who can destroy both soul and body in the life after death.” Gospel of Matthew 10-28.

Corona vaccination damages in the life after death

As mentioned earlier in this post, the vaccines and their effects on the human bodies were described. These effects do not stop with death. With death only the material body is discarded, the spiritual beings and forces of the corona vaccines continue to work. What does it mean concretely for the deceased? Studies performed on a deceased person, who had received a corona vaccination before leaving the body. The etheric body of the deceased was contracted, slanted and tense, the soul was chained to it, sad, suffering, lonely and disoriented in darkness. Normally, after death, the etheric body expands and the tableau of life becomes free, in which the deceased experiences all the memories of his or her past life in simultaneity and greater clarity. This did not happen here, the life tableau was prevented, the soul was stuck earth bound. No light of the spiritual world reached it. Normally, the deceased are received and enveloped by their angels. That was not the case here, the angel was without connection on the sidelines. The colleagues of the meeting had these same impressions. With the help of a photo, we were able to live in an earlier state of the deceased and found a warm, joyful soul. The Corona vaccination had obviously hit like a bomb. From such blocked states souls cannot free themselves from their predicament in foreseeable time. They need an intervention from the outside. Spiritual interventions, which are stimulated by incarnated people, can help here. Was this just an isolated case or is it common after corona vaccination? That is a burning question. If there is no one to take care of the earthbound deceased, it may take many centuries for their condition to change. “It's just a jab and then you can travel again”, announce the vaccinations commercials. But in reality, it could mean that the soul cannot make its journey through the spiritual world for hundreds of years after death, stuck, suffering and thus burdening living ones. Spiritually, the deceased are always close to the living connected with them. If the dead are in a bad condition, it radiates to the living. Some modern medicines are known to have similar after-death effects as we have noticed after the Covid vaccinations. Now, however, the whole mankind is to be vaccinated. If the after-death renewal phase fails for billions of people, what will become of mankind? That would be just as with incarnate humans who are denied deep sleep break. Can this earthbound dead people incarnate again at all? And what effects would that have on the next incarnations?

Freeing those who died due to vaccine damage can be very difficult

Martina Greco from Italy has been trained for many years to perceive the dead and help them if they are stuck dead ends. But in an encounter with a deceased person who had been vaccinated, she reached her limits.

“On June 7, 2021, I learned that Emilia, a 42-year-old beloved teacher and actress, had just died. Diagnosis: heart attack. She had been vaccinated in May, in solidarity with all the inhabitants of a small island on the coast that lives from tourism. Emlia’s shocked friends know that I try to help the dead who have problems with freeing themselves, and so they came to me. This was my first experience with someone who died after vaccination. As usual, I turned to Emilia inwardly through the Christ. Normally, this happens surprisingly quickly, even if I do not know the people, a contact is established. They “come unto me”. But Emilia did not come and did not come. Instead, I felt a kind of pulling cold and darkness. The friend who had informed me about Emilia’s death told me that in contrast to the experience with vigils of other deceased people, in this case she experienced nothing during Emilia’s vigil, only emptiness and coldness. I had the impression that Emilia was inside this cold, and I had to call her out and free her. This was not possible by any usual means, but at least the feeling that she was there increased. I was very confused by what I had before me; it was far more piercing than anything I had experienced so far. The only thing I could think of was to ask the highest spiritual powers for help. I turned to them, although unknown, with the most heartfelt request to help Emilia's soul out of this. This was accompanied by a few Our Fathers on my part and the request to her angel: ‘Spirit of her soul, protecting companion, Be Thou in her will the Goodness of Heart, Be Thou in her feeling the Love of Human Beings, Be Thou in her thinking the Light of Truth’ I had the impression that these high powers are very forgiving to beginners who do not know names and hierarchies, because I experienced a struggle, a relief, and then finally I was dealing with a soul. Emilia appeared. But connected with her I felt so many terrible things that it unsettled me. I said to myself that I do not have sufficient experience to deal with it. It was clear to me that fears are dangerous entry gates, I prefer to be cautious. I stopped the work, not without thanking the helping beings. I promised Emilia not to forget her and to try to get help. It took me a little longer to meet people who could handle it. A. Langscheid (46) made me aware of the fact that this unfinished work of help has an energy-depleting effect, since I am still in contact with Emilia's soul. Together we turned to Emilia. This was extremely helpful for me, because I learned to look and act in a more specialized way. At the same time, through the alignment of perceptions, I moved onto a stable ground. At the beginning, we released soratic beings from me, which probably originated from my attempt to help Emilia and now became virulent. For this we turned to the Madonna Stella Maris and the Highest Primal Primordial Trinity. Emilia seemed available now, but she was in bad and desperate condition. Her etheric body seemed to me tiny and charred. Also, her angel was oppressed, it seemed to me very weak, as if a wing had broken away. I turned to a high seraph, whom I had noticed earlier during a perceptions exercise in the landscape and asked him to render assistance to Emilia’s angel - to reattach and nourish him. A. Langscheid did her part, and we both saw the angel regain strength. Then it was about the soratic beings in whose entanglement I experienced Emilia. While A. Langscheid meditated on all the members of Emilia's being with an extended Lord's Prayer and other things I now do not remember, I turned to the Archai Michael, the Michaelic angels, the Michaelites and to Christian Rosenkreuz. I experienced the answer in a great work, which seemed not wanting to stop; a wrestling with a holding, clawing, sticking black… something. I prayed the Lord's Prayer several times and finally I made a strong, almost “martia” eurythmic Hallelujah. I noticed it had an enlightening and liberating effect and continued with it until I had the impression of peace and calm. I was, of course, unsure if my perception was correct. I experienced Emilia as a little baby just born, still wet, given back by the Coldness. I asked Our Lady Stella Maris to give her what she needed, and it seemed to me that this happened. In our exchange, A. Langscheid confirmed very similar perceptions, and we had the impression of unity in our actions. We turned back to Emilia. She seemed to me more secure and whole, yet trembling and desperate. It seemed to me that she was coming to consciousness about what had happened, about the mistake she and the other people had made. She had feelings of guilt like someone who has committed suicide. I felt for her and asked her to listen to the Christ with me: “There is a star above your head Christ speaks from the star: ‘Let your soul be borne by my strong power I am with you I am in you I am for you I am your I’” This seemed to be a balm for her, but the situation remained desperate. The first real solution came when I told Emilia about the passage through life after death, as I usually do. Many dead people have no idea at all what awaits them in the afterlife, and this makes them uncertain. A. Langscheid also confirmed these impressions. She drew my attention to the great problem of the damaged etheric body of Emilia and how the review of life, cannot take place at al due to that. In the perception of the etheric body, I got the idea that it must be mended and that the memory of all events is stored in the Akasha Chronicle, the spiritual memory of the world. So I asked that this etheric body be immersed like a sponge into the Akashic Chronicle like into a sea, in order to absorb the missing. It sounds crazy and my knowledge is very limited, but when such thoughts come to me out of the will to help, I push away the doubts and continue. After that, I really had the impression that the etheric body had become more fluid, softer, more colorful and differentiated. By A. Langscheid's joyful look, I saw that she had perceived the same. At the same time, with the help of a Buddhist healing meditation with “the 1000 Buddhas”, she had Emilia's etheric body cleansed of a black sticky mass, so that the life images could emerge. She said, however, that there was still a problem. Emilia would find it difficult to muster the necessary strength and endurance to give the strength. She asked the Black Madonna to give her the strength - she is very much connected with the fact that the past history of a person, seen in kindness and love, will provide a positive ground for the future. The next day we checked on Emilia again, she seemed more composed. We tried to support her even more. This will probably go on for a while. Two weeks later, and after trying various things for her, at the moment when I write this report, my impression of her is one of calmness and a sad serenity. When I think of her now, I feel attachment, emotion - tears come - and love.”

This is a heartfelt report of a death support that lasted more than two months. Emilia was very lucky that her friends were so attentive, and that Martina Greco took up the challenge and did not let up. However, the report reveals a big problem: even spiritual healers experienced in helping the dead can be overwhelmed with vaccinated dead, and the work takes a very long time. Who then is to take care of the immense number of vaccinated deceased? This is not manageable at all. There is an absolute shortage of personnel and training. Only in selected cases will the vaccinated dead be able to get the help they need. The other way around results from it: Those who get vaccinated must do it on their own spiritual responsibility. At present it is unfortunately quite naive to hope for after-death help. If things go badly, the spiritual world can no longer reach the deceased, and the other incarnated people who have the necessary abilities and experience are hopelessly overloaded.

Two steps forward, one step back

Langscheid was able to help Martina Greco so well because she had worked with several vaccinated dead people in the months before and gained a lot of experience. It turned out that the supersensible vaccination damage can be so profound that a gentle help is not possible. A. Langscheid describes a case:

Carla, about 90 years old, died two weeks after the Covid vaccination on January 22, 2021. I was able to get a glimpse of her afterlife at the end of January.

I found:

- The etheric body is warped diagonally, as if an arrow had been shot through it, strongly condensed, black encrusted, hardened, knotted with the physical-material body, sticky. Thereby the after-death etheric life-image is severely disturbed.

- The astral body is condensed, very darkened, separated from the physical-material body and etheric body, in such a way that the after[1]death necessary connection is also missing.

- Carla is separated from the angel.

- The angel appears damaged.

- The I-organization has slipped away from the other members of the being.

- The higher spirit organization has no connection with the angel and no access to the Christ sphere.

- All in all, she feels totally lonely, darkened, desperate, does not perceive anything around her, is completely disoriented.

February 23, 2021: Another look at Carla's spiritual situation shows that despite the first spiritual help measures, almost nothing has changed since the beginning of February. She was the first vaccinated person we had to deal with, and we still had hardly any experience of what could really help them, likewise we did not yet know in detail the catastrophic soul-spiritual effects of the Corona vaccinations. A group of about 10 people did spiritual healing work. After the healing circle on February 23, Carla was noticeably better, but still far from well. May 9, 2021: In what condition is Carla now, two and a half months later? I have noticed, not for the first time, that it is much more difficult to get in touch with deceased people who have been vaccinated against Covid than with “norma”l deceased people, because the spiritual bodies and the connection to the angel are so severed or cut off, and the angel is very debilitated or even severely damaged himself. The current healing work for Carla is done by two of us. Overall, she is not as well as she was after our spiritual help in February. The measures were not as stable as we had hoped. The dark spirits, especially various soratic ones, stayed on, as far as they had the slightest possibility to stay on. In addition, they seem to be getting stronger overall so far. From my point of view, this may be due to the fact that the more we see through them and find ways to push them away and transform them, the more they try to achieve their goals. Looking at Carla now, on May 9, it shows:

- The angel is still not in his normal full power and is not in the regular spiritual place but is too far away and too small. However, only through our recognition

- that is by our human consciousness straiving in the sense of truth and the will to heal,

- Carla’s angel was somewhat strengthened.

- The etheric life image of Carla is still shuttered and is available for the Kamaloka only as far as the angel has possibilities to help.

- Carla's connection with her angel is better than in February, but still weak.

- The double is still very much connected to her, instead of being detached as it should be after death. It also prevents Carla's connection to the angel. Since the double has taken over the tasks of the body

- elemental-being and the angel due to the inoculation, he probably cannot detach himself properly at all. Therefore, there is also a frightening strong connection to the dark subterranean layers of earth, and thus to the dark angel hierarchies.


Carla is still very “tired”, as she was in February. But she knows “somehow” that there is “a light at the end of the tunnel”, but she is spiritually paralyzed and cannot move there. The help for the dead with Carla continues, there is still a lot to do.

How to help the dead?

Langscheid has described in detail her experience in helping the vaccinated deceased. On the basis of Carla's case,she describes on more than 20 pages further background knowledge, necessary attitudes of the soul, ways of working and many concrete healing prayers. If you want to know more about help for the dead and are looking for suggestions, this supplement is recommended. It is published here:

Earthbound as feeding-trough

Another important problem area became clear to me on 6.19.2021. A friend's stepmother died at soon to be 95 years of age immediately following surgery for a new hip joint. I didn't even know that such major operations were still being done at such a high age. She lived in a nursing home, had dementia, and received a Corona vaccination. What was her post-mortem condition? It turned out: Just as in the cases described so far, an agglutinated etheric body, to which the soul was bound. During the spiritual intervention I concentrated first on the soratic-transhumanism spirits in her etheric body. But this was not enough, there were other dark inclusions connected with a group of deceased, who were in a miserable state and had connected themselves with the highest adversarial spirits. These sucked power from the earthbound woman. Only after the possession by this group of the dead was removed, the spiritual intervention felt to be bringing effects. This sucking out is not surprising; the enslavement of deceased exists since eons in many variations and was often also brought about consciously. In this case the vile group of dead souls simply used the “good opportunity” and occupied the defenseless woman to help themselves to her powers. Deceased, who are enwrapped by their angel, cannot be possessed, but this angel protection was prevented by the Corona inoculation. How often does it happen that earthbound vaccinated dead are used as feeding trough by spiritual predators? I am afraid, very often, because in the spiritual world there are innumerable miserable dead, who have no connection to the higher spiritual world and who therefore resort to feed themselves from the powers of other dead.

Effects of Covid19 on afterlife

Although the supersensible symptoms of Covid19 disease are similar to Corona vaccinations, the effects on afterlife appear to be less severe. In June 2021, we were dealing with a number of people who had died from Covid19. This investigation revealed that the majority of these deceased were not earthbound and follow a normal path through the planetary spheres. If souls were earthbound, we felt that reasons other than Covid19 were more significant (for example, drugs, medications, or spiritual trauma). Covid19 probably had a part, but it was difficult to determine. We did not find a uniform picture, quite different from that of the vaccinated dead. How can this be explained? Perhaps by this: An illness is a process of working through, from which one emerges transformed, this is also the case with Covid19. Even if one dies of Covid19, one has accomplished a lot and enters the afterlife a bit more sovereign in the face of Disease-Beings. On the other hand, with vaccination, the process of working through is often cut off, and one is left with empty hands in the afterlife. According to my impression, the effects of Covid19 on the afterlife were even stronger in 2020 than in 2021. This was described to me by research colleagues, and I also perceived it that way. However, one topic plays a role for the afterlife also today: the social panic. I remember some cases where Covid19 deceased were in a fear paralysis into which they had been brought by the social atmosphere. Just imagine: Caregivers come only in protective suits, you yourself are considered a dangerous leper, you don't get visits from relatives, the priest is not allowed to come for the last rites or stands far away with a mask. Then one dies, and the body is immediately packed in a plastic bag, and there is only a minimal funeral - a undignified dying. From all these experiences, there is little that carries over the threshold, but much that blocks. This is confirmed and explained in more detail by the following report of a researcher friend:

“Unfortunately, I have experience only with few deceased who died with Covid19. In these cases, I observed that the threshold transition is generally more disturbed by this unspeakable global mass anxiety. Gray lattice structures have formed, which make the areas of transition more oppressive for many newly deceased. Some Corona deceased come through well, especially those who were coherently centered in themselves before and did not associate their death primarily with Corona, but just simply with “natural” event of death and dying. But with most of the Corona19 deceased you have to help a little bit, they are at first frightened, blocked and disoriented, do not perceive their angel and also cannot see their deceased relatives at first. A dead person, with whom I work from time to time, has shown me that also from the side of the helping deceased the situation has become much more difficult. Only those come through these aetheric[1]astral structures (for example to pick up the freshly deceased or to help them), who themselves have a strong “I”- power, the others hardly penetrate to the earth anymore. Thus, the fear has consequences for all sides.”

Soratic beings in the aura

I could perceive Soratic beings in the aura of people ill with Covid19 on several occasions; these beings cause the shift in the bodies. I consider this a central point for understanding this disease. By concentrating on these black soratic entities and guiding helping spirit beings to them, I was able to observe that the soratic entities were removed from the aura and the displaced members of the human being moved back to the center. These soratic lumps have an effect on all bodies, but especially on the phantom body, which loses its uniformity and shows fissures, of course spiritual fissures. It is always difficult to describe spiritual experiences, often borrowings from the sense world are necessary to express something more or less appropriately. In cases when Covid19 was not yet completely healed, I perceived such fissures, even if there were no more soratic beings in the aura. I have had good experiences with placing the picture of the Risen One from Matthias Gr├╝nwald’s altar in Colmar on the affected places in the body, combined with a suitable meditation and prayer. It is important that the picture is directed towards the body and not in a reverse direction. The power of the image should go into the body and not into the surroundings. This work of art is directly connected with the resurrection body of Christ, the completely healed phantom body, which is available to us humans as a divine gift and the model. In fact, a “copy” of the resurrection body is available for every human being, and we can connect to it. In the lecture cycle “From Jesus to Christ” Rudolf Steiner describes very vividly the present meaning of the resurrection body. Obviously, he speaks about the cosmic Christ, who as a spiritual reality works for all people, independent of religion or denomination. An example: Urlike had not fully recovered from a prolonged Covid19, she looked thin, the etheric body was narrow, and she also felt powerless. Her forehead felt tense, and intense headaches kept coming. The center of the disease was in the forehead and sinuses. I perceived the phantom body in the forehead area to be full of holes, quite different from other parts of the body. Obviously, this was still a Covid19 aftereffect. Since we did not have a copy of Gr├╝nwald's resurrection, but Ulrike was well acquainted with it - the picture hangs in her bedroom - I suggested that she should imagine putting it on her forehead like a bandage pad and let it work for a few minutes accompanied with a Christ meditation. I could perceive how the fissures in the phantom body closed and the etheric body could fill the forehead. Ulrike immediately experienced openness and relaxation in her forehead, and over the next few days she became visibly stronger. This spiritual healing intervention contributed to that. Covid19 seems to be, among other things, a confrontation with the soratic beings on the level of the phantom body. Initially there is a disintegrating effect on the phantom body, just as with Corona vaccination. Living through the disease and “defeating” the soratic beings can lead to “training” and improvement of the phantom body. In the case of two people who had passed through the illness, I experienced their phantom body to be more crystalline, structured, and unified than typically. This special outcome of the corona illness touches me. It reminded me of the Easter story: After the decay on Good Friday comes Easter Sunday with the healed resurrection body of Christ. Does something similar take place with Covid19?

Source: “Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective. Consequences on Soul and Spirit, and the Life after Death” By Thomas Mayer 

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