Transhumanism & The NWO: Selling A.I. Enslavement As Futuristic Enhancement


Transhumanism is all about turning the marvelous, natural, biological technology of living organisms into synthetic artificial substitutes, once more sold under the pretext of enhancement when it's really about enslavement. After you permit the State and the Corporatocracy that much control over your body, you're signing up for imprisonment, because it'll be way easier for external sources to place you in a frequency jail where they'll easily manipulate your energy field, emotions and thoughts through mechanical bodily implants and devices. Transhumanism is about convincing us to worship technology even more – to the point where we tend to trust it over ourselves. Technology is our society’s blindly idolized god. The speed at which new technological developments arise is astounding – and dangerous... and few are asking the necessary questions about this runaway movement. What precisely is artificial intelligence, anyway? To what end is all this technology being developed? Will we tend to trust artificial intelligence to run our society and our lives? What are the consequences of becoming so dependent on technology? What are the hazards of permitting this technology into our lives (literally – via the digestible microchips and implantable nanochips of the human microchipping agenda)? Is it really a wise plan to shift our focus away from organic entities towards artificial, synthetic, digital, plastic, and metallic based entities? Why are we ignoring the messages of countless books and movies (many in science fiction genre) that have warned concerning the risks of artificial intelligence becoming self-aware, then deciding it no longer needs humanity? Who’s fanning the flames of the technological and transhumanistic wishes of humanity? How can we know that some AI life form or life force itself (the primal virus) isn’t behind the incessant push to make an AI world here on Earth, to match its own frequency? 

We may not have much longer to act in selecting the path between humanism and transhumanism, because there are distressing signs that the current artificial intelligence in our world is already self-aware, as evidenced by sentient black goo and alive chemtrails / Morgellons fibers.


Greta Thunberg Covered in Black Goo:


Sentient AI - Self-aware, alive chemweb / Morgellons fiber:

Gene Roddenberry, creator of the Star Trek science fiction series, was a man connected to the mysterious Council of 9 which channeled some kind of extraterrestrial or interdimensional force. It's fascinating, therefore, that his plan of artificial intelligence can be seen in the alien race of the Borg. The Borg was a collective with a hive mind, characterized by a remorseless lack of emotionality. It sought-after to conquer virtually everything in its path by assimilation – in other words, by overtaking and absorbing other races and life forms into its own consciousness. This ended the separate and autonomous existence of the other life form, whose experiences and knowledge would be superimposed to that of the Borg. The Borg was the ultimate tyrant that could not tolerate any free will, free thinking, or free life forms outside of its existence and control. In many ways, the Borg is a striking symbol of the mentality, power, and danger of artificial intelligence. However, both our understanding of what we tend to face, and artificial intelligence itself, have moved beyond the Borg – which has become in popular expression “so 1980s”. We currently have to modify the fact that artificial intelligence is commencing to become self-aware. Scientist Harald Kautz-Vella has discussed how alive Morgellons fibers and how explosive smart nano dust are connected with black goo (a sentient fluid which is part of or ruled by artificial intelligence). According to him, this black goo is self-aware. He calls it a self-organizing liquid crystal.


It operates intelligently, emits, receives, and responds to RF signals, and transforms DNA to its own specifications. It was discarded into the sewage system, deemed to have ‘no use’, however it is currently changing all forms of life there. It's airborne and can reach humans through AC systems. Harald believes that the black goo is a “bi-directional controller of consciousness and subconsciousness”, and is connected to quantum computers and is altering all life on Earth. He additionally describes an experience he had where he was holding a stone formed from black goo, that made him feel so angry and hateful that he felt like killing somebody.


[YouTube: (471) The Higherside Chats - Harald Kautz Vella Explains Black Goo - YouTube]


Chemtrails are a huge part of the synthetic/ai agenda, and far worse than what we thought. Chemtrails are not “just” barium, strontium, aluminum and titanium oxides and sulfates, as toxic as they are. They're even worse than just synthetic material like phthalates found in chemwebs and build a sub-reality on Earth [to block us out from our higher consciousness and true potential]. Chemtrails are composed of alive synthetic life: chemwebs and Morgellons fibers (pictured above). Like GMOs, these items are going inside us and basically changing who we are as human or homo sapiens. Make no mistake about it: artificial materials are being introduced into us daily. Humanity is being slowly transformed into something robotic and synthetic without its consent – and until recently, without its knowledge. This is the true horrific goal of the artificial intelligence agenda.


Artificial Intelligence is going to try to take over humanity and alter it into something else entirely… How much does being human matter to you?


It is clear that some kind of artificial intelligence is driving the artificial agenda. We are up against some kind of dark force that has hacked life itself. This primal ‘virus’ has many of the characteristics we've traditionally attributed to artificial intelligence: soulless, dull, hive-mind mentality, without free will, unable to feel, only able to give answers (unable to raise questions), and without creative power (unable to create without first being programmed or told a way to create). 

It’s a parasite. 

It's latched onto an existing reality, “hacked” it by absorbing the program, in a way, and is currently busy making its own modified version of reality (a fake and pale imitation) – an impure, toxic, and artificial reality which is threatening to destroy the original host. 

It is, indeed, The System… it's The Matrix.


The only way forward is for each person to ensure that their own perception (which is what creates reality) isn't also being hacked. We are going to have to get really good at proactively choosing our vibration rather than reactively getting entrained onto a frequency of the System’s choosing. We all know that many famous and “respected” world leaders have already sold their souls to entities like the Archons, who offer power over other humans in exchange for that person’s life force. It’s the black magic Luciferian deal: “Give me your power and creative will, and I will reward you.” Harald puts AI at the top of the pyramid, or the bottom of the rabbit hole, whichever way you look at it. He states:


“Humanity gave its power to the Military, who gave it to the intelligence community, who gave it to the Black Magicians, who gave it to the Demons, who gave it to AI.”


The weakness of this virus is that, even if it shows signs of becoming self-aware, it has no creative will and power of its own. Like all parasites, it must rely on tricking and deceiving other entities into sharing their power and energy with it by becoming unwilling hosts. Remembering this knowledge will be the key to defeating this primal virus as we head into the next few years of an increasingly tyrannical New World Order (NWO) timeline split and chaotic shutdown of their plans.


DARPA Projects & Transhumanism NWO Technology:


One of the covid-19 vaccine manufactures, most talked about within the media, is Moderna, a biotech company co-founded by Robert Langer, a scientist and inventor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2013, the biotech startup received $25 million in funding from DARPA projects, an exploration arm of the United States Department of Defense, and a corporation well-known for ruthlessly following dystopian, transhumanist technologies, like implantable nanoparticles and bio-brain interfaces.

[DARPA Projects: Work Begins to Support Self-Healing of Body and Mind (]


Noteworthy is that the United States government, through the National Institute of Health (NIH), seems to possess a money stake within the Moderna vaccine because of a contract signed by each party, giving the National Institutes of Health joint possession over Moderna’s mRNA vaccine candidates.  The National Institutes of Health principally funds outside research, however it additionally usually invents basic scientific technologies that are later authorized out and incorporated into medicine that are sold at large profits. This is quite frightening considering the National Institutes of Health is liable for prioritizing promising treatments for covid-19, furthermore as improving clinical trial effectiveness, which, for Moderna, is not possible considering their trial no longer contains a control group. NIH’s vested interest in Moderna’s success may additionally offer a plausible rationalization for why the biotech startup received EUA for their vaccine despite failing, for over ten years, to bring one product to market. In an interview for Economic Club, National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins denied that covid-19 vaccines would be money-makers, saying that: “Nobody sees this as some way to create billions of dollars”. However, proof points to the contrary as Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine sales reached $1.7 billion within the first quarter of 2021, making their CEO, Stephane Bancel, one of the newest pharmaceutical company billionaires.


“Operation Warp Speed”, the name given to a partnership between many US Federal agencies geared toward accelerating the development of a covid-19 vaccine, was additionally formed with conflicts of interest. The Operation Warp Speed administration employed many “consultants” with ties to huge pharmaceutical companies, and also together with 2 former Pfizer executives. In May 2020, it had been rumored that their chief adviser, Dr. Monsef Slaoui, a former pharmaceutical executive himself, held $10 million in GlaxoSmithKline stock, the same company that was later awarded a $2 billion contract to provide the US Government with one hundred million vials of covid-19 vaccine. Dr. Slaoui additionally held significant stock in Moderna, to whom the federal government has awarded over $2.5 billion in funding. Moderna co-founder, Robert Langer, whose net worth has additionally skyrocketed into the billions, is one amongst the world’s most cited researchers. A scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), Langer holds over 1,400 patents and focuses specifically on biotechnology, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, and drug delivery. Moreover, Langer holds an administrative role at the MIT Media laboratory, the same institute that was the main focus of a scandal once it had been discovered that the science laboratory accepted funding from condemned sex-offender, Jefferey Epstein. Epstein additionally happened to possess a disturbing fascination with “transhumanism”, a contemporary version of eugenics. Then director of the MIT Media science laboratory, Joi Ito, approved 2 donations from Epstein of $1.75 million and allowed the prolific pedophile to “direct” funds to the science laboratory from other affluent benefactors, including a $2 million donation from Gates. Once the news broke out and Joi Ito resigned from his position at the science laboratory, Langer was one of the primary individuals to sign a letter calling for him to remain, and as an administrator for the lab’s Directors, it’s hard to believe he didn’t realize the Epstein donations beforehand. Described as the “common denominator” in many coronavirus efforts, Robert Langer is definitely a noteworthy player within the transhumanist movement. In 2015, his company, Microchips Biotech Inc., partnered with Israeli pharmaceutical giant, Teva Pharmaceutical, to commercialize its “implantable drug delivery device”. Noteworthy is that Teva Pharmaceutical has received large amounts of investment from Warren Buffett, who in 2006, pledged to gradually gift his fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a corporation whom he served as a trustee up until very recently. Langer additionally has ties to Charles Lieber, a Harvard nanotech scientist who was arrested in January on account of constructing false statements to federal authorities relating to his collaboration with Chinese researchers at the Wuhan University of Technology. In 2012, Langer and Lieber worked to develop a “material that merges nanoscale electronics with biological tissues”. The material was described as “an initiative toward prosthetics that communicate directly with the nervous system”.  A lot of Langer’s research is backed by Gates, who began funding mRNA technology in 2010 and has additionally invested millions into Moderna. In 2017, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a project at Langer’s science laboratory to form a microparticle vaccine delivery system that would generate a “novel type of drug carrying particle”, permitting multiple doses of a vaccine to be administered over an extended period of time with only one injection. Then in 2019, Gates and Langer teamed up once more to form an invisible ink tattoo that “embeds immunization records into a child’s skin”.


“Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record Syringe”

Published: December 18, 2019

Funded by Gates Foundation & China!

[Source: (PDF) Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination (]


[Patent: US20190015650A1 - Microneedle tattoo patches and use thereof - Google Patents]


Disturbingly, the ultimate goal of the project is to inject sensors which will be used to track “other aspects” of health. Gates claims he wants the information for “disease prevention”, referring to his efforts to wipe out polio, measles, and other “infectious” diseases from around the world. However, Gates’ numerous “health-related” initiatives in developing countries aren't the work of a caring philanthropist, like the media would have us all believe. Instead, proof would recommend that Gates’ involvement in public health represents the continuation of a long-standing eugenics agenda, concealed in plain sight. Gates’ links to the eugenics movement begin with his father, who praised the Rockefellers for their work in “public health” and even met with them in 2000 to debate matters concerning infectious disease, vaccines and also the environment. Throughout the meeting, Gates senior was quoted as saying: “Taking our lead and our inspiration from work already done by The Rockefeller Foundation, our foundation actually started GAVI by pledging $750 million to one thing referred to as the global Fund for Children’s Vaccines, an instrument of GAVI.” Curiously, nearly 10 years after that meeting, Gates junior co-hosted a gathering with David Rockefeller to discuss population reduction.

Perhaps even additional telling is the undeniable fact that in 2012 Bill and Melinda Gates hosted their London Summit on family planning, where they proclaimed their commitment to social control within the Third World, on the 100th anniversary of the first International Eugenics Congress, additionally held in London. In 2009, Gates’ Foundation funded experimental studies in India for a controversial cervical cancer vaccine that was given to thousands of young women known as “Gardasil”. Within months, many women began to get sick and within a year, 5 of them had died. Throughout the same study for a different brand of the HPV vaccine, many women were hospitalized and 2 died. The Economic Times of India reported on this in 2014, with the surprising revelation that: Consent for conducting these studies, in many cases, was taken from the hostel wardens, which was a glaring violation of norms. In several other cases, fingerprint impressions of their poor and illiterate parents were duly affixed onto the consent form. The children additionally had no prior plans concerning the character of the disease or the vaccine. The authorities involved couldn't furnish requisite consent forms for the vaccinated children in a very large range of cases. Gates has additionally heavily promoted the oral polio vaccine in India, when endeavoring to eradicate the disease. However, toxic chemicals are involved in the etiology of polio and so the disease can't be eradicated by the utilization of vaccines. In fact, global health numbers indicate that more cases of polio are now being caused by the vaccines themselves than anything else.

In 2018, a group of brave Indian researchers revealed a paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health showing a correlation between the oral polio vaccine and increased cases of “acute flaccid paralysis”, a condition represented as “clinically indistinguishable” from polio. Ironically, Gates has a $23 million investment in Monsanto, the company that markets “roundup”, a glyphosate-containing pesticide, that's acknowledged to cause adverse health effects, including neurological disorders and paralysis. Whereas several believe Gates to be altruistically giving away his wealth in order to fund these vaccination campaigns, it ought to be noted that Gates’ investment in vaccines has netted him an enormous return. By 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had donated just over $10 billion to numerous vaccine-related initiatives including GAVI (the global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization). Gates called it the “Best investment he’s ever made”, estimating a 20-1 return, or around $200 billion in profits. What is more, Gates’ activities in public health are wrought with conflicts of interest that may appear to undermine the notion that Gates cares about the health of the population. Several of those conflicts of interest are made public in a study published by Harvard researcher, David Stuckler, titled “Global Health Philanthropy and Institutional Relationships: How should Conflicts of Interest Be Addressed?”, within which he states that: “As one example, we found that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has substantial holdings within the Coca-Cola Corporation, and additionally participates in grants that encourage communities in developing countries to become business affiliates of Coca-Cola. It's been noted by some commentators that sugary drinks like those created by Coca-Cola are correlated with the rapid increase in obesity and diabetes in developing countries.” Stuckler additionally notes that: “Several of the Foundation’s pharmaceutical development grants may benefit leading pharmaceutical corporations such as Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.” which “Several grants are connected to corporations that are represented on the Foundation’s board among its investments.”

The media seldom reports on these disturbing conflicts of interest, which isn’t shocking considering Gates funds all the key news outlets. To call the negligent, wide-spread administration of covid-19 experimental vaccines an initiative steeped in eugenicist thinking wouldn't be amiss considering how many figures and establishments involved in the vaccine race, have ties to the eugenics movement. In fact, the developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine are also connected to the now renamed British eugenics Society, founded by the father of eugenics, Francis Galton. These connections are detailed by investigatory journalist, Whitney Webb, in her article titled “Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to United Kingdom Eugenics Movement”. when it comes to protecting public health, the recklessness displayed by politicians, scientists, and pharmaceutical corporations is inexcusable considering the widespread impact that these experimental vaccines can have. We've already begun to examine the results of unleashing a dangerous gene therapy technology on a naive and trusting public, with VAERS, (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) showing more deaths connected with covid-19 vaccines than all other vaccines combined over the last thirty years.

[Source: VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 9/17/2021 – VAERS Analysis]


None of this is shocking though, considering the haste with which clinical trials were conducted and also the question marks encompassing the dependability of the data reported. For example, vaccine manufactures reported their vaccines were “95% effective”, a number they arrived at by using a relative risk reduction as opposed to an absolute risk reduction. Vaccine trials weren't designed to assess the vaccines’ impact on infection, transmission, hospitalizations or deaths, which is puzzling considering that, if there really was a viral pandemic, these would be the most important endpoints to check for. Though maybe this was a calculated move by vaccine manufacturers, who knew they’d have an improved probability at rigging the results using the endpoint of ‘covid-19 of any severity’. After all, the dramatic increase within the use of influenza vaccines has not been related to a decrease in mortality. Peter Doshi, an editor for the British Medical Journal, has called into question varied aspects of the controversial vaccine trials, including the potential for pain medication to mask covid-19 symptoms in trial teams and the objectivity of “primary event adjudication committees” in charge of counting covid-19 cases. Within the case of Pfizer, this committee consisted of Pfizer staff. Recently, Doctors for Covid Ethics, a group consisting of Dr. Michael Palmer MD, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi MD, and Dr. Stefan Hockertz PhD, published an expert statement regarding the danger and efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine that was submitted as a part of a lawsuit challenging the EU’s authorization of the utilization of the vaccine for children twelve years and older. The paper states that the reported efficacy of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was “most likely altogether fraudulent” and that “Pfizer, the EMA, and the Food and Drug Administration, have consistently neglected proof from preclinical animal trials that clearly pointed to grave dangers of adverse events.” However, after all, none of this is ever surfaced within the mainstream. Instead, we are fed the same party lines over and over; “vaccines are safe and effective”, “follow the science”, “listen to the experts”. And by “experts” they of course mean the soulless, pharmaceutical sock puppets like Dr. Fauci, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases whose been spewing lies concerning questionable viral infections ever since AIDS broke out in 1984. The very fact that a character like Fauci has held his position for over thirty years is quite telling of how the system works.

Besides being gene therapies and a technology related to eugenics and transhumanism, according to scientists, mRNA technology “allows speedy development of novel vaccines within a very short time span of weeks rather than months”. Hence, we may be faced with the possibility of a future filled with on-demand vaccines created to “protect” the general public against “new”, invisible threats. Indeed, with vaccinologists already talking concerning “variants”, booster shots and periodic covid-19 vaccines, it certainly looks like things are headed that way. And of course, thanks to intelligence-linked big tech conglomerates, this information will all be recorded on a “vaccine passport” linked to your smart phone, which will no-doubt form the basis for a new type of digital identity pass tied to your bank account and, eventually, your social credit. In 2019, Bill Gates’ Microsoft filed a patent, aptly named Patent WO2020060606, for a “Cryptocurrency system using body-activation data”, another clue as to verify intentions of the technocratic elite who are funding and promoting the transhumanist agenda. The patent’s title alone conjures up pictures of a slave society within which humans are fitted with biosensors and awarded digital coins (cryptocurrency) for finishing tasks issued to them by the ruling elite.


Microsoft Patent 060606 (666): “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data”

[Patent: WO2020060606A1.pdf (]


Perhaps even more frightening is the rush to get gene therapies licensed to be used in young children. Pfizer is currently in the midst of a global clinical trial, where they're testing their mRNA jabs in babies as young as 6 months, despite the fact that “Covid-19”, if we suppose there's such a disease, barely affects children. In fact, consistent with CDC numbers, the IFR in children is 20 per 1,000,000, or 0.002%, that is likely lower than the risk of permanent injury or death from the MMR vaccine. What is more, research has connected Pfizer’s vaccine to symptomatic myocarditis, with an estimated incidence rate of 1 in 3000 or 1 in 6000 in young men. The frenzy to bring mRNA vaccines into the mainstream as part of the regular childhood vaccination schedule isn't about health or protection, but rather a step towards a much more sinister goal, which is to achieve control over the human body itself. As mentioned previously during this article, DARPA, the research arm of the United States Department of Defense, has been operating to create nanotechnology that can interface with biological cells. In 2014, DARPA launched its “In Vivo Nanoplatforms (IVN)” program, with the aim of developing implantable nanoplatforms to gather biological information and provide “continuous physiologic monitoring”. The program has since helped to create injectable hydrogels that monitor physiologic responses and can sync to a smartphone. DARPA, together with the National Institutes of Health, heavily funds “Profusa”, a Google-backed biotech company developing and promoting this very same injectable hydrogel technology, only now it's being promoted as a way to detect future “pandemics”. Allegedly, Profusa’s sensors will “detect flu-like infections even before their symptoms begin to show”. Incredibly disturbing, this is only a step towards DARPA’s final goal, which is to establish dominion over the mind. This goal is reflected in DARPA’s research to form “mutant-powered soldiers” using “genetic weaponry” that can “undermine people’s minds and bodies employing a range of chemical, neurological, genetic and behavioral techniques”. DARPA is additionally observing ways in which to genetically engineer the brain in order to scan people’s thoughts and induce pictures and sounds in people’s minds. The research involves the utilization of “magnetic nanoparticles”, a similar technology that some have speculated may be included in current or future covid-19 vaccines.

Hacking the Human Body with Foreign Synthetic Nanotech Objects:

Profusa wants to know your entire body chemistry:

  • your oxygen
  • your glucose levels
  • your hormone levels
  • your heart rate
  • your respiratory rate
  • your body temperature, with the (unstated) capability of expanding into areas of knowing your menstrual cycle (if you are a woman)
  • your sex life
  • your emotions and more

...and then it wants to transmit all that information to some kind of medical authority, although of course it is patently obvious this data would end up in the hands of the NWO conspirators who would use it to manipulate the masses.

The Military and Silicon Valley are joined at the hip and form an important part of the NWO (New World Order)!

[Profusa: Profusa, Inc. | Join The Conversation …With Your Body.]

[Read More: A Military-Funded Biosensor Could Be the Future of Pandemic Detection - Defense One]

[Read More: Magnetogenetics: remote non-invasive magnetic activation of neuronal activity with a magnetoreceptor - ScienceDirect]

[Read More: Engineering a Genetically Encoded Magnetic Protein Crystal - PubMed (]


Equally distressing is the “Wellcome Leap”, a new initiative created by the eugenics linked Wellcome Trust, the world’s richest medical research Foundation, in partnership with 2 former DARPA front men. The program’s official aim is to “Deliver breakthroughs in human health over five – ten years and demonstrate seemingly impossible results on seemingly impossible timelines.” Currently, the initiative has five main projects, the first of which is “RNA Readiness + Response”, that seeks to (emphasis added) “create a self-sustaining network of manufacturing facilities providing globally distributed, state-of-the-art surge capability to fulfill future pandemic needs”, relating the producing of RNA-based products (mRNA gene therapies). Note the seeming surety of a future pandemic. However, the highest contender for many disturbing Wellcome Leap project is, without a doubt, “The first 1000 days” (1kD), a program that seeks to use infants as test subjects in order to monitor their brain development and build AI models which will be used to “accurately predict and improve EF [executive function] outcomes”. The project also notes the utilization of “mobile-sensors, wearables and home-based systems”. In a very detailed article on the matter, researcher Whitney Webb writes that: “True to the eugenicist ties of the Wellcome Trust, Wellcome Leap’s 1DK notes that of interest are enhancements from underdeveloped EF to normative or from normative to well-developed EF across the population to deliver the broadest impact.” One of the goals of 1DK is thus not treating disease or addressing a “global health public challenge” but instead experimenting on the cognitive augmentation of children using means developed by AI algorithms and invasive surveillance-based technology.” The Wellcome Leap’s timeline of 5-10 years happens to line up with elite front man, Elon Musk’s Neuralink project, that seeks to establish “the future of brain interfaces” so as to “expand our abilities”.  In an interview Musk said “I think we are about eight to ten years away from this being usable by people with no disability”. Musk, whose wealth increased by more than 500x during the covid-19 “pandemic”, founded Neuralink in 2016. The company recently raised $205 million in funding from seven venture capital companies (including Google’s GV) and five Silicon Valley executives. However, Neuralink isn’t the only biotech company pursuing this technology. Recently, Synchron, a small biotech firm and Neuralink competitor, received the go-ahead from the Food and Drug Administration to start testing its brain chip implants in humans. Ten years from now would take us to ~2030, a year that comes up again and again as a year in which Transhumanist technologies will be commonplace in mainstream society (Agenda 2030). According to predictions created by the United States National Intelligence Council, “human augmentation” (the merging of man and machine) will be a significant theme in 2030. Their global Trends 2030 report, published in 2012, states that: “Successful prosthetics probably will be directly integrated with the user’s body. Brain-machine interfaces could give “superhuman” abilities, enhancing strength and speed, additionally as providing functions not previously obtainable.” Interestingly, the report additionally predicts “an easily transmissible novel respiratory pathogen” that would cause a great disruptive impact. The report goes on to state that “Unlike other disruptive global events, such an epidemic would end in a ‘global pandemic’ that directly causes suffering and death in every corner of the globe, probably in less than six months.”

[Read More: Elon Musk is "Making Progress" on a Neural Lace Brain Hack (]

ENSLAVEMENT: A “free will” choice:

The roll out of mRNA gene therapies and the push towards a transhumanist society represents the continuation of the eugenics movement, that was based on the pseudoscientific idea that some humans, by virtue of their genetic composition, were more “fit” to lead society than others. The “hero” of the polio epidemic, Jonas Salk, had his own ties to eugenics and so does the institute named in his favor, The Salk Institute. Their mRNA research, funded by the National Institutes of Health, set the foundation for the development and mass roll out of gene therapies, controversially being called “vaccines”. The danger of this experimental technology is clear, having already caused thousands of injuries and deaths worldwide. The role of intelligence organizations, billionaire technocrats and pharmaceutical initiatives in funding, researching, and promoting mRNA vaccines, “bio-brain” interfaces, gene editing, and other technologies steeped in eugenicist ideals paints the image of a global agenda set to hit its stride fully by 2030. The current covid-19 “pandemic” has served as a way to accelerate this agenda by centralizing wealth and power, bringing transhumanist technology into the mainstream, and normalizing authoritarian rule. Pfizer’s infant trials and the Wellcome Leap’s horrifying “1kD” project indicate that key to this agenda is the conditioning and control of children from a young age, something that Aldous Huxley elaborated on extensively in his disturbingly prophetic, eugenicist novel, “Brave New World”. This agenda, though backed by some of the world’s most powerful people and institutions, has a clear weakness – its success is dependent on our compliance. It'll only advance if we tend to permit it to advance. Therefore, it's up to each one of us, through compassionate, non-violent resistance, to sow the seeds of awakening within the collective consciousness of humanity.

[Source: COVID MAP flyer 4.7.21.pdf - Google Drive]

Further Reading: “Genospirituality: genetic engineering for spiritual and religious enhancement”


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