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Revival Of 100-Year-Old Healing Tesla Coil: High-Frequency Violet Ray Therapy

  This blog post outlines 100-year-old Tesla healing technology that has been suppressed from the public due to its success in healing many different illnesses and health problems. At the bottom of this post, I provide a URL link where you can purchase your own Violet Ray Healing Device. This device I have used on my own healing journey.  PURCHASE HERE:   Tesla Violet Ray High Frequency Healing Device with User Manual Handbook ( SCIENTIFICALLY ACCEPTED EFFECTS OF VIOLET RAYS: l---Cause cells to absorb more oxygen. 2---Speed up burning of oxygen. 3---Increase elimination of waste. 4---Restore cells to health. 5---Increase blood supply in given area. 6---Stimulate secretions of glands. 7---Raise body heat without temperature. 8---Destroy germs.  9---Soothe the nerves; build nerve tissue. 10---Remove dead tissue and adhesions. 11---Lower blood pressure.  12---Promote normal growth.   AILMENTS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED WITH VIOLET RAYS: ·      Asthm