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Transhumanism & The NWO: Selling A.I. Enslavement As Futuristic Enhancement

  Transhumanism is all about turning the marvelous, natural, biological technology of living organisms into synthetic artificial substitutes, once more sold under the pretext of enhancement when it's really about enslavement. After you permit the State and the Corporatocracy that much control over your body, you're signing up for imprisonment, because it'll be way easier for external sources to place you in a frequency jail where they'll easily manipulate your energy field, emotions and thoughts through mechanical bodily implants and devices. Transhumanism is about convincing us to worship technology even more – to the point where we tend to trust it over ourselves. Technology is our society’s blindly idolized god. The speed at which new technological developments arise is astounding – and dangerous... and few are asking the necessary questions about this runaway movement. What precisely is artificial intelligence, anyway? To what end is all this technology being de