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Following The [REAL] Science: COVID-19 Treatment Analysis - Scientific Studies Compilation

SCIENCE requires QUESTIONING  and TESTING . Trusting science, without questioning it...  IS NOT SCIENCE. The world does not exist in a 'black or white' manner and most of the time, things do fall into the 'gray' area. Medical science is dynamic and evidence development is constantly in a continuous 'work-in-progress' mode. If a supplement has been shown to work in a small study, would you wait for a bigger study or should you just take it after considering the benefit and risk ratio; especially if the supplement is actually a nutrient that your body needs?  Do your own research and the final decision should be yours ( after a consultation with your trusted medical professional of course). This guide is based on various references to scientific literature and hopefully, can help you make sense of the options and to separate the facts from fiction. As of January 2022, there are more than 70 types of supplements that are being tested for COVID-19 . You c